This section contains maintenance and overhaul logs of equipment I own or service. These logs are usually prose mixed with pictures for reference.

2 transmission gearsets on bench side by side




Canadian Sailcraft CS27

Rub a Dub from stern docked at Brentwood Bay

1993 Suzuki GS500E

Right side of motorcycle after restoration

2015 Kawasaki KL650EFF

clean motorcycle

2018 Honda CMX300/A

Meredith's Rebel 300 parked outside

2008 Sun T5120

Sun T5120 on bench with top cover removed

2009 Apple iMac 11,1

imac sitting on desk with terminals open on screen

2019 Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P

EdgeRouter 6p connected to ethernet and fibre, on shelf

2019 Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Pro

access point mounted on roof

1975 Homelite XL-AO

XL-AO Chainsaw sitting on bench

Homelite XL-2

1979 Homelite XL-12

Joel's XL-12 sitting on bench.