Canadian Sailcraft CS27






New Bottom Paint

Date: August 2018
Cost: $0
Time: 4 hours

Getting hauled for bottom paint:

Rub a Dub hauled by travelift, low Rub a Dub hauled by travelift medium Rub a Dub hauled by travelift high


Delete Voltage Regulator

Date: Spring 2019
Cost: $100
Time: 4 hours

My original external voltage regulator decided to stop working during a weekend trip and caused the low oil pressure idiot light to illuminate. I thought we had a legitimate low pressure condition so we sailed back to the dock to investigate. Turns out it was the voltage regulator:

old dead voltage regular closeup

It also turns out you do not need an external voltage regulator nowadays unless you have a complex battery setup. Modern alternators have an internal voltage regulator, albeit maybe not the best place for it.

I had the automotive electrical shop put the internal voltage regulator that had once existed in my newer alternator, back in. The guy working there confirmed he had removed that very voltage regulator a few years ago, which is funny.

Removing the external voltage regulator was not hard. Sorting through all of the wires that were connected to it was a pain. Most wires got deleted, some re-routed. The alternator was reinstalled and the whole system tested. The charging voltage was 14.4V and for the first time in a long time.

Refurbish Genoa

Date: Spring 2019
Cost: $1000
Time: 1 hour

The genoa was ripped along the UV strip about mid way up. Fixed with the help of UK sails.

Refurbish Woodwork

Date: Summer 2019
Cost: $200
Time: 24 hours

Joel and I redid about half the interior woodwork over a long weekend. Sadly this is the only picture I took.

two steps side by side one sanded

Sort of related:

Replace Lifeline

Date: Fall 2019
Cost: $100
Time: 4 hours

I replaced the rusty starboard lifeline with Dyneema because it was cheaper than steel replacements. You can do it myself if you want to learn about rope splicing. I think it looks better, too.

CS Johnson hardware, left hand thread.

rope splice eyes for pelican hooks

Locking splice and eye splice.

lock splice normal eye splice? finished both lifelines on one side