1990 Ford F-Superduty

Heavy duty pickup truck with dump body upfit, used for construction. 7.3L International IDI diesel engine and ZF-5 42 manual transmission.





Date: November 2022
Odometer: 132989 kilometers
Cost: $8000

The dump body upfit manufacturer is Johnson Hydraulic Mfg Co. Fuck BC used car sales tax.

Delete sketchy wiring

Date: December 2022
Odometer: 133145 kilometers
Cost: $0
Time: 1 hour

Replace headlamp switch and plug

Date: December 2022
Odometer: 133256 kilometers
Cost: $65 for headlamp pigtail and switch
Time: 2 hours

Refurbish headlights

Date: December 2022
Odometer: 133256 kilometers
Cost: $30 for Mothers polishing kit
Time: 2 hours

Polished existing stock headlights because of yellowing lenses. Unsiezed headlight adjustment screws, and epoxied broken frame tabs.


Replace headlamp dimmer switch

Date: January 2023
Odometer: 133545 kilometers
Cost: $25 for NAPA dimmer switch
Time: 2 hours

The headlamps quit working entirely after I hit this switch. Testing it showed it was open except when pressed slightly. Upon removal, the terminals were very corroded, as was the connector. I replaced the connector terminals, and bought a new dimmer switch from NAPA.

Reseal Chelsea 420 PTO

Date: January 2023
Odometer: 133746 kilometers
Cost: $135 for reseal kit
Time: 8 hours

The hydraulic pump that raises the dump box is powered by a power take off unit mounted on the transmission. I noticed the PTO was slowly dripping transmission fluid and looked wet. Luckily I found an old parts manual from 1978 that listed a reseal kit, and even more lucky 328356-13x was still available for purchase. The 420 series model is an older unit, but is built heavy and made to last.

An interesting aspect of PTO's is that they need to mate with a specific transmission vendors input shaft gear. You buy the PTO and then a compatibility gear that is 2 gears machined out of a single piece of metal. One of the gears mates with your transmission, and the other with the PTO drive gear.

There were many online vendors of 328356-13x in the United States, but only 1 in Canada. The price was $35, and $35 for shipping. After a comical and error prone attempt to find it locally, I paid over $130 from a local hydraulic shop. Suck it V & P Hydraulics.

Removing and taking apart the PTO was uneventful. The gaskets were tired but the bearing and gears inside looked great. The previous assembler had used .025" and .035" shim gaskets on the output shaft caps which gave 0 shaft endplay. I put 0.040" gaskets on both sides and there was still hardly any play (manual recommends 0.001" - 0.005") but the shaft turned easier than it had.

These PTO's seem designed to leak. All threaded holes (12) go right through the case, exposing a leak path past the threads. I suppose they tried to mitigate that by using special bolts with small raised shoulders under the head and aluminum caps, but I put Permatex Ultra Gray on the threads for added insurance. 4 of the 6 studs in the transmission for the SAE PTO mount are through holes too.

I tweaked the cable actuator install from the way the previous guy had done it, having the cable run straight back instead of taking a hard 90 right before the cable holder.

New rear tires

Date: January 2023
Odometer: 133776 kilometers