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2021-10-24 23:41t: gcc no longer exists on my system, updateKyle Milz1+2-2
2021-10-24 23:36t: silence minimum cmake warningKyle Milz1+1-1
2021-10-24 23:35new include file needed for clang-11Kyle Milz1+1-0
2021-03-05 19:37t: proper function declarationKyle Milz1+4-2
2021-03-05 19:33add back yearsKyle Milz1+1-1
2021-03-05 17:20inst: break long linesKyle Milz1+5-2
2021-03-05 17:03lib: update #includes and commentsKyle Milz1+10-11
2021-03-05 04:38bin: add some shebang linesKyle Milz3+4-3
2021-03-05 04:23make: move coverage stuffKyle Milz3+35-22
2021-03-05 02:44t: use lib 't' instead of use for librariesKyle Milz52+602-405
2021-03-04 23:47lib: delete CITRUN_PROCDIRKyle Milz19+70-131
2021-03-04 21:02t: use for making testsKyle Milz1+5-2
2021-03-04 21:01make: use variable PREFIXKyle Milz1+1-3
2021-03-04 20:47inst: create citrun_h.h hereKyle Milz3+9-13
2021-03-04 20:22gl: clean up MakefileKyle Milz1+29-24
2021-03-04 20:15inst: clean up MakefileKyle Milz1+29-28
2021-03-04 20:08make: is included by bsd.prog.mkKyle Milz8+7-11
2021-03-04 20:01man: these are movedKyle Milz2+0-215
2021-03-04 11:26bin: use bsd.prog.mkKyle Milz3+218-4
2021-03-04 10:08share: add compiler symlinksKyle Milz3+6-0
2021-03-04 10:07gl: touch MakefileKyle Milz1+1-1
2021-03-04 09:48t: updateKyle Milz1+18-16
2021-03-04 09:45t: write gl lockfilesKyle Milz5+5-0
2021-03-04 09:43make: updateKyle Milz2+6-1
2021-03-04 09:43term: move to own dirKyle Milz2+0-0
2021-03-04 09:13tt: add notesKyle Milz1+19-0
2021-03-04 09:13www: add 0.0 releaseKyle Milz2+186-0
2021-03-04 09:12gl: get compiling againKyle Milz7+137-4
2021-03-04 09:04make: use and bsd.lib.mkKyle Milz8+51-67
2021-03-04 07:32t: add shared lib testKyle Milz1+88-0
2021-03-04 07:32www: add logoKyle Milz1+0-0
2021-03-04 06:36make: add test targetKyle Milz1+2-0
2021-03-04 06:24man: suspicious changes..Kyle Milz3+73-55
2021-03-04 06:10inst: update search pathKyle Milz1+3-2
2021-03-04 06:09gl: add MakefileKyle Milz1+39-0
2021-03-04 06:09man/share: add MakefilesKyle Milz2+10-0
2021-03-04 06:08distrib: update openbsd portKyle Milz2+10-7
2021-03-04 06:05bin: wrap path updateKyle Milz1+1-1
2021-03-04 06:05make: add clean targetsKyle Milz3+33-1
2021-03-04 06:04bin: correct MakefileKyle Milz1+6-0
2021-03-04 06:03include: create citrun_h.h betterKyle Milz1+6-1
2021-03-04 05:57distrib: add configure.batKyle Milz1+0-0
2021-03-04 05:45jam: deleteKyle Milz5+0-187
2021-03-04 05:34t: replace jam with makeKyle Milz1+6-5
2021-03-04 05:33t: cope with citrun.h moveKyle Milz1+1-1
2021-03-04 04:44t: cope with citrun_inst moveKyle Milz17+20-26
2021-03-04 04:03make: add MakefilesKyle Milz7+66-19
2021-03-04 03:26bin: move citrun_gl to gl/Kyle Milz26+0-0
2021-02-28 04:14inst: move citrun_inst to inst/ + add MakefileKyle Milz23+1108-1053
2021-02-27 19:03Revert "move bin/ and lib/ source files to root directory"Kyle Milz48+8-0
2020-07-20 20:46move bin/ and lib/ source files to root directoryKyle Milz48+0-8
2020-07-20 20:41inst: some llvm function names changedKyle Milz1+8-8
2020-07-20 20:40delete old JamfileKyle Milz1+0-84
2020-07-20 20:33add root LICENSE fileKyle Milz1+13-0
2020-02-01 04:30inst: update comment on windows process forkingKyle Milz1+3-3
2019-04-15 23:55bin: merge with gl.ccKyle Milz3+118-129
2019-04-15 23:36use a common location for all gl pkg-config librariesKyle Milz2+6-5
2019-04-15 20:16bin: dont link against custom glewKyle Milz1+1-2
2019-04-13 07:51bin: remove custom compiled glyphyKyle Milz18+5-3366
2019-04-13 01:11bin: link to LLVM so now that it's avaiableKyle Milz1+1-1
2019-04-13 01:11-lstdc++ is not needed on openbsd anymoreKyle Milz1+0-1
2018-03-25 18:00lib: rename files mostly removing lib_ prefixKyle Milz14+481-481
2018-03-25 02:43jam: remove special handing of CC and C++ env varsKyle Milz2+3-11
2017-10-14 21:36lib: use different program name for viewer processKyle Milz2+7-1
2017-10-14 17:42bin: remove execute bit from some filesKyle Milz3+0-0
2017-10-13 18:43lib: add function comments and a licenseKyle Milz2+70-15
2017-10-13 18:40lib: add initial support for starting a viewerKyle Milz4+102-1
2017-10-13 18:30distrib: add Modern::Perl dep for openbsdKyle Milz1+1-0
2017-10-10 06:55bin: rename glsl filesKyle Milz5+9-10
2017-10-10 06:49bin: wrap and rename demo-shaderKyle Milz9+273-266
2017-10-10 06:27bin: wrap and rename demo-atlasKyle Milz9+174-219
2017-10-10 05:42bin: wrap and rename demo-glstateKyle Milz9+186-236
2017-10-10 05:14bin: fold 3 separate classes into gl_runtimeKyle Milz10+349-375
2017-10-10 04:30t: small misc test improvementsKyle Milz3+8-4
2017-10-10 04:24t: use citrun_gltest so no DISPLAY necessaryKyle Milz1+4-4
2017-10-10 04:19t: use ok_image in older test, move known goodKyle Milz2+14-22
2017-10-10 04:16t: add 2 new gl testsKyle Milz4+98-0
2017-10-10 04:13bin: some minor improvementsKyle Milz2+15-5
2017-10-10 04:12bin: remove unused importKyle Milz1+0-1
2017-10-10 04:11bin: wrap up functions + data into citrun::gl_fontKyle Milz2+116-166
2017-10-10 04:02bin: namespace and rename some classesKyle Milz12+134-101
2017-10-10 03:54bin: deduplicate drawing codeKyle Milz5+164-153
2017-10-08 01:42lib: rename libP.h -> lib_os.hKyle Milz5+12-10
2017-10-07 07:56jam: delete some indirectionKyle Milz4+135-134
2017-10-07 07:54lib: move `fd` from global visibility to functionKyle Milz3+81-24
2017-09-19 07:43bin: rename citrun_check to citrun_reportKyle Milz8+31-30
2017-09-19 07:24jam: sort source files and shuffle varKyle Milz1+8-9
2017-09-19 07:23jam: start to de-win32Kyle Milz2+6-23
2017-09-19 07:22remove configure script + merge with JamKyle Milz4+109-126
2017-09-19 07:14bin: actually commit the changes to citrun_checkKyle Milz1+31-41
2017-09-19 07:13bin: split out ASTConsumer class into its own fileKyle Milz4+64-55
2017-09-19 07:09bin: change citrun_check to pure awk scriptKyle Milz7+70-84
2017-02-18 23:28t: use Modern::Perl instead of use {strict,warnings}Kyle Milz51+52-152
2017-01-30 03:27man: add win32 compilerskyle1+18-5
2017-01-30 03:22configure: set PREFIX here instead of in Jamkyle2+1-4
2017-01-30 01:36t: check .c files for trailing w/s too.kyle1+6-2
2017-01-30 01:34distrib: try doing clean instead of clean=allkyle1+1-1
2017-01-30 01:18jam: append to SUMMARYkyle1+1-1
2017-01-30 01:12distrib: add nounset to shell scriptkyle1+1-1
2017-01-30 01:10jam: save output of gcovkyle1+3-3
2017-01-30 01:04distrib: remove requirement of no citrun installed when packagingkyle1+3-13
2017-01-30 01:03jam: fix test-coverage targetkyle1+2-2
2017-01-30 00:57distrib: add better description to packageskyle1+5-3
2017-01-30 00:53distrib: use simple CONFIGURE_STYLE instead of hand rollingkyle1+10-4
2017-01-30 00:47t: fix up path to libcitrun when adding gcov librarykyle1+2-2
2017-01-30 00:44bin: add wrap.shkyle1+3-0
2017-01-30 00:40configure: remove unneeded variable and set libs directlykyle1+29-32
2017-01-29 19:48configure: append Jamrules.extrakyle1+2-0
2017-01-29 19:02jam: move build modifiers to root Jamfilekyle2+65-65
2017-01-29 19:01share: let install work (symlinks are resolved, problem for another day)kyle1+3-14
2017-01-29 17:43bin: don't use prefix.h anymore now that paths are stablekyle3+5-6
2017-01-29 17:36bin/glyphy: fix up jam locationkyle1+1-1
2017-01-29 17:35jam: add commentskyle1+4-1
2017-01-29 17:34share: commit all 8 unix compiler symlinkskyle8+16-0
2017-01-29 17:34t: fix up binary locations after movekyle39+69-41
2017-01-29 17:31jam: split apart main Jamfile into lib, share, bin componentskyle5+146-119
2017-01-29 17:19configure: stop creating prefix.h and citrun_wrapkyle1+0-24
2017-01-29 17:17move files into a dir structure that resembles final installationkyle73+0-8
2017-01-26 05:32www: remove BOM and use <meta charset> insteadkyle1+4-5
2017-01-23 06:18configure: move FONT_PATH definitions closer to useKyle Milz3+12-6
2017-01-23 05:38configure: remove ldgroup start/end madness by ordering libraries correctlyKyle Milz1+11-17
2017-01-22 18:30www: tweak wordingkyle1+1-2
2017-01-22 18:21gl: unbreak the buildKyle Milz1+0-1
2017-01-22 18:13lib: try namespace win32 tooKyle Milz1+2-4
2017-01-22 18:06lib: try and improve commentKyle Milz1+6-3
2017-01-22 17:45lib: exiting field not needed because atexit() is unhookedKyle Milz4+2-6
2017-01-22 17:31lib: scope static header pointer to functionKyle Milz1+17-27
2017-01-22 08:20lib: namespace all functionsKyle Milz3+22-22
2017-01-15 22:31t/path: use os specific compilerKyle Milz1+4-1
2017-01-15 22:28inst: use find_if for win32 tooKyle Milz1+3-1
2017-01-15 22:27lib: fix win32 buildKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-22 05:45lib: make private lib header name betterKyle Milz4+3-3
2017-01-22 05:42lib: first run at win32 implmenetationKyle Milz1+6-7
2017-01-22 05:39lib: move getcwd into os specific filesKyle Milz3+16-19
2017-01-21 21:25distrib: remove command indirectionkyle1+2-3
2017-01-21 21:16inst: warn instead of error when utimes() failskyle1+5-2
2017-01-21 20:59gl: tweak manual wordingkyle1+6-6
2017-01-20 07:12www: bring width back down and delete unused csskyle1+1-5
2017-01-20 07:12www: add links to analysis and coverage reportskyle1+5-1
2017-01-20 07:11gl: update manualkyle1+30-14
2017-01-20 05:00www: and neat titleKyle Milz2+11-4
2017-01-19 07:49www: add link to code coveragekyle1+3-0
2017-01-19 07:30www: increase max width 25%kyle1+1-1
2017-01-19 07:25www: replace term reference with glkyle1+1-1
2017-01-19 07:23www: remove restrictionkyle1+1-1
2017-01-19 07:20t: add manuals to trailing whitespace listkyle1+1-1
2017-01-19 07:05wrap: freshen man pagekyle1+14-14
2017-01-19 06:45check: bring manual up to datekyle1+33-23
2017-01-19 06:10tt: don't end to end test without an installed packagekyle1+6-0
2017-01-19 06:00tt: use system citrun installationkyle1+3-3
2017-01-19 05:54distrib: build -9999 package version in CIkyle1+2-3
2017-01-19 05:53distrib: clean up betterkyle1+4-2
2017-01-19 05:48www: fix linkskyle1+2-2
2017-01-19 05:42distrib: try and get cross user port building workingkyle1+1-2
2017-01-19 03:23tt: disable ccitrunrunkyle1+1-0
2017-01-19 03:14jam: add old sed hacks for ccitrunrunkyle1+33-2
2017-01-19 03:08distrib: delete ccitrunrun portfilekyle3+0-68
2017-01-19 03:01jam: don't use parallel compilation in coverage + analysis jobskyle1+2-2
2017-01-19 02:46t/inst_fail: enter correct directory and fix output changeskyle1+7-1
2017-01-18 08:05distrib: compile package in parallelkyle1+1-1
2017-01-18 08:00t: increase timeout againkyle1+1-1
2017-01-18 07:26distrib: remove freeglut dependencykyle1+1-2
2017-01-18 07:26distrib: clean after buildkyle1+1-0
2017-01-18 07:13t: increate live count timeout due to test failureskyle1+1-1
2017-01-18 07:12distrib: de-nest directorieskyle7+2-2
2017-01-18 07:10distrib: get openbsd port working againkyle2+17-12
2017-01-18 06:57inst: move setprogname to avoid #ifdef _WIN32kyle2+3-4
2017-01-18 06:56jam: install libcitrun.a in $PREFIX/libkyle1+1-1
2017-01-18 06:56configure: try and get PREFIX working againkyle2+15-8
2017-01-18 05:39tt: sync git with library changeskyle1+16-17
2017-01-18 05:29t: increase timeout after seeing a test failurekyle1+1-1
2017-01-18 05:25tt: finish updating muttkyle1+22-20
2017-01-18 05:19tt: stop using diag so muchkyle1+5-9
2017-01-18 05:10configure: /usr/local/include still needed on openbsd 6.0kyle1+1-0
2017-01-18 05:00check: change wording of successful/failed source compileskyle2+3-3
2017-01-18 04:59t: catch up bad source and no source testskyle4+87-11
2017-01-18 04:55t/inst_logeol: one less log line nowkyle1+2-2
2017-01-18 04:55t: catch preamble test up to recent code changeskyle1+6-4
2017-01-18 03:57tt: add comments and dependency checkingkyle1+4-0
2017-01-18 02:43tt/mutt: use new library functionskyle1+12-12
2017-01-18 02:43tt: add functions for log and symbol diffingkyle1+44-2
2017-01-18 02:38lib: remove comment and use struct size in strncpykyle1+1-3
2017-01-17 05:47inst: silence clang output easily noticeable from a large projectkyle24+14-53
2017-01-17 05:45lib: reduce .data size in instrumented binarieskyle3+10-8
2017-01-17 05:40inst: use #line in preamble so that instrumented line numbers matchkyle1+1-0
2017-01-17 03:17term: denamespace _mainkyle1+0-0
2017-01-16 00:51tt: rename package.subr to openbsd, coz its really os dependentkyle3+2-2
2017-01-16 00:46tt: save work end to end testing on openbsdkyle3+69-38
2017-01-15 21:27tt: snapshot work in progressKyle Milz4+81-36
2017-01-15 21:17jam: test-coverage target is now just coveragekyle1+1-1
2017-01-15 21:13distib: preserve timestamps when scp'ing wwwKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-15 21:06t: skip gl on most platforms for nowKyle Milz1+3-0
2017-01-15 20:23t: fix procfile leakskyle7+26-17
2017-01-15 20:17configure: remove unneeded include directorykyle1+0-1
2017-01-15 20:09configure: replace llvm-config with hand chosen flags + librariesKyle Milz1+52-16
2017-01-15 19:43inst: put extra braces around static initializer listKyle Milz2+3-3
2017-01-15 19:39lib: add prototypeKyle Milz1+1-0
2017-01-15 19:38lib: use better types as pointed out by warningsKyle Milz1+2-2
2017-01-14 21:31gl: add win32 header guardsKyle Milz1+4-0
2017-01-14 20:50gl: give a better nameKyle Milz2+2-2
2017-01-14 20:45gl: break out shared memory handling into an os-indep classKyle Milz6+154-63
2017-01-14 06:06tt: remove unneeded custom code to libtapKyle Milz1+0-4
2017-01-14 06:05tt: sync tu writer with changesKyle Milz1+11-9
2017-01-14 02:40t: add new test for milliseconds spent log lineKyle Milz1+25-0
2017-01-14 02:10inst: improve log message and join correctlyKyle Milz25+35-35
2017-01-14 01:42inst: use std::find_if instead of wasteful cp+pasteKyle Milz2+29-19
2017-01-14 00:58inst: add comments and improve styleKyle Milz1+15-8
2017-01-13 09:57t: improve inst_path by adding log checks and fixing regex checkKyle Milz2+21-9
2017-01-13 09:45t: break apart eol test from log, againKyle Milz2+35-8
2017-01-13 09:36configure: generate citrun_wrap on windows tooKyle Milz2+11-13
2017-01-13 09:17inst: fix up win32 buildKyle Milz4+7-5
2017-01-13 08:48t: update for recent code changesKyle Milz2+5-1
2017-01-13 08:46inst: split frontend into os dep/indep partsKyle Milz8+441-289
2017-01-13 07:19jam: update src listKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-13 06:41inst: rename to fe.ccKyle Milz2+0-0
2017-01-13 06:33inst: add back logging for clang warnings/errorsKyle Milz1+10-5
2017-01-13 06:31inst: use raw charachter string to cut down on escapingKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-13 06:30use a prefix.h file instead of messing around with #definesKyle Milz4+23-15
2017-01-13 06:26inst: use better class declaration styleKyle Milz3+41-41
2017-01-13 06:10inst: InstrumentActionFactory is only needed in srcKyle Milz2+2-1
2017-01-13 06:06inst: move InstrumentActionFactory to more related headerKyle Milz2+23-23
2017-01-13 06:04inst: move RewriteASTConsumer to more related headerKyle Milz2+22-21
2017-01-12 01:27t: rename memory moduleKyle Milz9+100-100
2017-01-12 01:22t: add whitespaceKyle Milz2+3-0
2017-01-12 01:20t/lib_badver: add whitespaceKyle Milz1+2-1
2017-01-12 01:19t: add whitespaceKyle Milz1+2-0
2017-01-12 01:18t: add whitespaceKyle Milz1+1-0
2017-01-12 01:18t/lib_header: add polish, extra tests and styleKyle Milz1+20-16
2017-01-12 01:10t: redefine and resuse os allocation sizeKyle Milz4+9-15
2017-01-11 07:35t: sync tests with output changeKyle Milz24+49-49
2017-01-11 07:21t: fold inst_log_eol into inst_logKyle Milz3+18-47
2017-01-11 06:54www: update links and names for source ballsKyle Milz1+2-2
2017-01-11 06:45man: update viewerKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-11 06:44www: untrack generated filesKyle Milz5+0-450
2017-01-11 06:40www: add sync scriptKyle Milz2+10-8
2017-01-11 04:59inst: open citrun.log in text mode for correct line endingsKyle Milz2+39-1
2017-01-11 04:26t: win32 gets extra log lineKyle Milz1+7-0
2017-01-11 04:02jam: get analysis build working againKyle Milz2+4-4
2017-01-11 03:45jam: get test-coverage working againKyle Milz2+7-4
2017-01-11 03:02configure: rearrange and set CXX on openbsdKyle Milz1+20-18
2017-01-10 07:53t: add whitespaceKyle Milz1+2-1
2017-01-10 07:50lib: fix compileKyle Milz1+2-2
2017-01-10 07:24jam: add conditional platform buildingKyle Milz1+5-3
2017-01-10 07:23lib: split into os independent partsKyle Milz4+270-205
2017-01-10 06:31t: add some whitespaceKyle Milz1+3-0
2017-01-10 06:28t: add back missed lineKyle Milz1+2-0
2017-01-10 06:25configure: put ascii art back here and trim down scriptKyle Milz2+5-18
2017-01-10 06:16t: add win32 memory map file supportKyle Milz3+100-18
2017-01-09 04:43t: renameKyle Milz1+0-0
2017-01-09 04:41t/shm: use real mmap patternKyle Milz2+38-57
2017-01-09 02:26lib: use C commentKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-09 02:25t: scale back and fix path testKyle Milz1+6-19
2017-01-09 00:02configure: add more styleKyle Milz1+24-37
2017-01-08 23:50lib: refactor win32 stuffKyle Milz1+47-48
2017-01-08 23:09jam: restore windows stringizeKyle Milz1+3-3
2017-01-08 22:57t: factor out os compiler choosingKyle Milz6+13-28
2017-01-08 22:47t: renameKyle Milz1+0-0
2017-01-08 22:36t: add autodieKyle Milz1+1-0
2017-01-08 22:29t/shm: be safer about fh usageKyle Milz1+12-11
2017-01-08 22:14jam: remove citrun_termKyle Milz1+1-7
2017-01-08 22:11jam: move non critical rules into extraKyle Milz2+28-29
2017-01-08 22:09t: let test work on unixKyle Milz1+5-1
2017-01-08 22:07lib: include stdio for fprintfKyle Milz1+1-0
2017-01-08 22:04jam: move move Jamrules.tailKyle Milz3+2-2
2017-01-08 22:00configure: remove Jamrules echoKyle Milz1+0-7
2017-01-08 21:57man: move man/ into rootKyle Milz7+1-9
2017-01-08 21:54www: sync manKyle Milz1+10-31
2017-01-08 21:53jam: make Stringize platform dependentKyle Milz1+14-5
2017-01-08 21:46wrap: use current script directory for CITRUN_PATH.Kyle Milz3+5-29
2017-01-08 21:37t: split apart and utils.pmKyle Milz6+117-114
2017-01-08 21:31check: remove -o option and update manualKyle Milz2+14-59
2017-01-08 12:32t: remove last remnants of shellKyle Milz3+0-42
2017-01-08 12:19inst: fix compileKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-08 12:16t: correct off by one for instrumenting linesKyle Milz1+3-3
2017-01-08 12:04t: add new off screen rendering test for citrun_glKyle Milz2+38-0
2017-01-08 10:21t: replace with perlKyle Milz2+61-50
2017-01-08 10:04t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+26-13
2017-01-08 09:51t: replace with perlKyle Milz2+62-37
2017-01-08 09:44t: replace with perlKyle Milz2+68-44
2017-01-07 09:43inst: handle tmpnam failure more gracefullyKyle Milz1+6-4
2017-01-07 09:24t: fix up test after src changesKyle Milz1+1-0
2017-01-07 09:24inst: add member variables forgotten in last commitKyle Milz1+2-0
2017-01-07 09:23wrap: pass CITRUN_PATH onto citrun_instKyle Milz2+7-2
2017-01-07 09:22inst: use runtime configuration for library and compiler pathsKyle Milz3+23-14
2017-01-07 09:19inst: add iostream coz inst_log.h doesn't include it anymoreKyle Milz1+1-0
2017-01-07 09:17replace with cmd/shellKyle Milz2+3-4
2017-01-07 08:58t: replace wrap_badsrc with inst_nosrcKyle Milz2+26-22
2017-01-07 08:53t: delete test that's already covered elsewhereKyle Milz1+0-39
2017-01-07 05:40t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+45-29
2017-01-07 05:20t: remove File::Util useKyle Milz2+8-17
2017-01-07 03:41t: use proper name to point out windows bugKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-07 03:38t: add new lib_deadcount testKyle Milz2+81-6
2017-01-07 03:13inst: remove iostream from log.hKyle Milz1+1-2
2017-01-07 03:12configure: remove useless messageKyle Milz1+0-2
2017-01-07 03:12configure: define _HAS_EXCEPTIONS=0 to silence cl warningKyle Milz1+2-1
2017-01-07 03:09t: simplify walking memory file for translation unitsKyle Milz2+29-28
2017-01-07 02:09t/lib_transunit: add instrumented program output validationKyle Milz2+6-3
2017-01-07 02:06lib: use strncpy to appease the openbsd linkerKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-07 02:06lib: fix some bad mistakesKyle Milz1+2-2
2017-01-07 01:57include Jamrules.tail instead of cat'ing itKyle Milz1+2-1
2017-01-06 06:40t: fix unix preambleKyle Milz1+2-1
2017-01-06 06:32wrap: use _ instead of % to guard substitutionKyle Milz3+3-3
2017-01-06 06:25configure: use / instead of \ for config pathsKyle Milz3+11-8
2017-01-06 05:28Jam: remove whitespaceKyle Milz1+0-1
2017-01-06 05:24configure: read llvm-config stdout into variablesKyle Milz1+19-21
2017-01-06 05:06t: update Inline C include pathKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-06 04:48configure: improve batch fileKyle Milz1+49-35
2017-01-06 04:45Jam: pass c++11 raw character literal defineKyle Milz1+2-2
2017-01-06 04:41use c++11 raw character literals to simplify stringizeKyle Milz1+3-9
2017-01-06 04:03configure: add pause at end of batch scriptKyle Milz1+1-0
2017-01-06 03:57t: update lib_transunitKyle Milz1+6-8
2017-01-06 03:56t: add better skip explanationKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-06 03:55t: fill out more tests now that instrumented programs runKyle Milz2+9-19
2017-01-06 03:52t: stop using DosGlobKyle Milz3+23-11
2017-01-06 03:51lib: move alignment calc into functionKyle Milz1+21-11
2017-01-06 03:49t: use c++11 raw character literals instead of escapingKyle Milz2+37-22
2017-01-06 03:47t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+38-26
2017-01-06 01:53t\ add win32 compat bitsKyle Milz1+17-5
2017-01-05 08:03t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+88-60
2017-01-05 07:54t: add win32 compat bits for lib_headerKyle Milz1+21-11
2017-01-05 07:49t: add win32 compat for lib_sizeKyle Milz1+15-6
2017-01-05 07:47lib: add win32 mkstemp implementationKyle Milz1+38-11
2017-01-05 06:30t/check_: skip on win32Kyle Milz2+8-2
2017-01-05 06:08t: move program back into utils.pmKyle Milz5+60-50
2017-01-05 06:06lib: add win32 compatKyle Milz1+104-8
2017-01-05 06:05Jam: remove citrun_wrap from LINK lineKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-05 06:05Jam: only need -fPIC -ansi on unixKyle Milz1+3-1
2017-01-05 04:41lib: use strcpy for fixed size stringKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-05 04:40lib: use void for no parametersKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-05 02:39inst: log warning when PathFindOnPathA failsKyle Milz1+2-1
2017-01-05 02:29t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+68-36
2017-01-05 01:50t: remove unused use's and add win32 bitsKyle Milz1+8-7
2017-01-05 01:46t: add new test for nmake on windowsKyle Milz1+72-0
2017-01-05 01:44t: deduplicate some os independent stuffKyle Milz1+7-12
2017-01-05 01:44t: do a rudimentary log check to show an issueKyle Milz1+28-7
2017-01-05 01:43inst: only append .exe if it isn't there alreadyKyle Milz1+3-1
2017-01-05 01:42t: move common 'use's to utils.pmKyle Milz18+43-91
2017-01-04 07:25t: fix up wrap badarg to be more os independentKyle Milz2+5-11
2017-01-04 07:18configure: add new variables for unixKyle Milz1+7-4
2017-01-04 07:18t: update compiler pathsKyle Milz2+2-2
2017-01-04 07:18t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+87-41
2017-01-04 06:56move unix compilers into compilers/Kyle Milz8+8-8
2017-01-04 06:34Jam: make replace token use , as regex delimiterKyle Milz1+2-1
2017-01-04 06:09inst: use SetEnvironmentVariableAKyle Milz1+2-2
2017-01-04 06:08inst: link when /c not given and at least one src fileKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-04 06:07t: add new devenv wip testKyle Milz1+52-0
2017-01-04 05:08t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+23-9
2017-01-04 04:49t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+56-38
2017-01-04 04:24t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+37-28
2017-01-04 04:15t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+88-52
2017-01-04 04:04t: sync output with recent code changeKyle Milz13+15-15
2017-01-04 03:58t: add special case for windows exec() fork()Kyle Milz1+7-0
2017-01-04 03:54Jam: forgot important hunk in CITRUN_{LIB,COMPILERS} commitKyle Milz1+3-1
2017-01-04 03:54Jam: build faux compilers into compilers/Kyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-04 03:53Jam: don't build citrun_check on NTKyle Milz1+4-1
2017-01-04 03:53Jam: remove commentKyle Milz1+0-2
2017-01-04 03:52wrap: use newly introduced CITRUN_{LIB,COMPILERS}Kyle Milz4+20-17
2017-01-04 03:41configure: upper case more commandsKyle Milz1+25-25
2017-01-04 03:28configure: use 4 \'s on windowsKyle Milz1+2-1
2017-01-04 03:28configure: use all caps for batch commandsKyle Milz1+32-34
2017-01-04 02:54configure: don't set very specific PathKyle Milz1+0-1
2017-01-04 02:52configure: add shlwapi.libKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-04 02:40t: deduplicate citrun log cleaning codeKyle Milz14+40-69
2017-01-04 02:24src: revert citrun_wrap c++ conversionKyle Milz4+20-107
2017-01-03 06:45t: fix up preamble after src changeKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-03 06:44t: convert inst_two_src to perl and fix bug on windowsKyle Milz3+67-36
2017-01-03 05:50inst: sometimes cl.exe links tooKyle Milz3+61-29
2017-01-03 01:41t: adjust tests for binary movesKyle Milz18+18-18
2017-01-03 01:32Jam: adjust build infrastructureKyle Milz4+37-6
2017-01-03 01:26src: is no moreKyle Milz67+114-147
2017-01-03 01:07t: remove windows .exe and \Kyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-02 23:15t: fix up unix part of wrap_exitcodeKyle Milz1+4-2
2017-01-02 23:13src/wrap: fix up unix partKyle Milz2+6-6
2017-01-02 22:54src: remove unused variableKyle Milz1+0-1
2017-01-02 22:51t: remove 2 unused linesKyle Milz1+0-2
2017-01-02 22:44t: fix up inst_preprocessKyle Milz1+8-6
2017-01-02 20:21src: fix up 2 parts of Windows preambleKyle Milz1+3-2
2017-01-02 20:21t: fix up inst_whileKyle Milz1+3-3
2017-01-02 20:20t: fix up inst_forKyle Milz1+3-3
2017-01-02 20:19t: split test_preamble into os specific partsKyle Milz1+26-4
2017-01-02 20:13t: fix up inst_returnKyle Milz1+3-3
2017-01-02 20:03t: fix up inst_macroKyle Milz1+3-3
2017-01-02 16:44t: fix up inst_ifKyle Milz1+3-3
2017-01-02 16:43t: fix up inst_funcdefKyle Milz1+3-3
2017-01-02 16:39t: fix up inst_dowhileKyle Milz1+3-3
2017-01-02 16:38t: fix up inst_binopKyle Milz1+3-3
2017-01-02 16:34t: replace with perlKyle Milz2+26-10
2017-01-02 16:33src: switch Jamfile to C++ wrap.ccKyle Milz1+2-2
2017-01-02 16:30src: fix two unix bugsKyle Milz1+4-1
2017-01-02 16:30src: add win32 compat to wrap.ccKyle Milz2+102-28
2017-01-02 08:32t: sanitize banner, switch compared argsKyle Milz1+5-4
2017-01-02 08:28src: restore lost unix setenvKyle Milz1+7-4
2017-01-02 08:28src: wrap Err with _WIN32 and use PATH not PathKyle Milz1+3-1
2017-01-02 06:34src/Jam: add .exe compat suffixKyle Milz1+2-2
2017-01-02 06:32t: sanitize entire banner lineKyle Milz1+5-4
2017-01-02 06:31src/inst: add win32 compat for fork/execKyle Milz1+83-0
2017-01-02 05:35src: use C++ style commentsKyle Milz1+2-2
2017-01-02 05:34src: add new function compile_instrumentedKyle Milz3+22-12
2017-01-02 05:31src: make static lib comment os agnosticKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-02 05:31src: add win32 compat bits for linkingKyle Milz1+11-0
2017-01-02 05:29src: cl /c means compile modeKyle Milz1+4-0
2017-01-02 05:27src: add win32 clang include pathKyle Milz1+3-0
2017-01-02 05:25src: make comment static lib agnosticKyle Milz1+1-1
2017-01-02 05:24src: convert inappropriate err{,x}() to m_log + exitKyle Milz1+12-6
2017-01-02 05:24src: use PATH_SEP instead of hardcoded ':'Kyle Milz1+2-2
2017-01-02 05:22src: move banner print to its own function and add win32 compatKyle Milz1+21-8
2017-01-02 05:15src/inst: add win32 headersKyle Milz1+15-4
2017-01-02 04:58src: add win32 equivalent of __attribute__((constructor))Kyle Milz1+18-0
2017-01-02 04:53src/inst: add win32 compat bits for early setupKyle Milz1+15-2
2017-01-02 04:46src: copy citrun_inst.exe to cl.exe and link.exeKyle Milz1+8-0
2017-01-01 19:42t: update tests for last changeKyle Milz10+11-11
2017-01-01 19:39src: move citrun_inst detection to main()Kyle Milz4+39-53
2017-01-01 06:47src: replace with cKyle Milz3+38-13
2017-01-01 06:08t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+80-67
2016-12-31 19:42t: add test for trailing whitespace in sourceKyle Milz1+15-0
2016-12-31 19:37t: clean up warningsKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-12-31 19:35t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+76-58
2016-12-31 19:32t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+66-26
2016-12-31 19:08t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+65-47
2016-12-31 19:03t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+76-58
2016-12-31 18:59t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+67-49
2016-12-31 18:56t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+66-48
2016-12-31 18:55t: don't use on File::SlurpKyle Milz2+4-4
2016-12-31 18:49t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+88-70
2016-12-31 18:44t: switch to perlKyle Milz2+65-47
2016-12-31 08:16src: add windows compat for math constantsKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-12-31 08:13t: sanitize platform name from testsKyle Milz2+4-2
2016-12-31 08:10src: remove unneeded #includeKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-12-31 08:09configure.bat: updateKyle Milz1+10-4
2016-12-31 08:08Jam: move inline perl into fileKyle Milz2+10-9
2016-12-31 08:02src/inst_log: add windows compat bitsKyle Milz1+6-2
2016-12-30 17:11add first pass at configure.batKyle Milz1+77-0
2016-12-31 06:19src: don't append .citrun and write preamble elsewhereKyle Milz1+5-6
2016-12-30 03:59t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+33-24
2016-12-30 03:20t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+66-54
2016-12-30 00:26t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+18-11
2016-12-30 00:24t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+20-12
2016-12-30 00:17t: convert to perlKyle Milz2+78-59
2016-12-30 00:09t: replace with perlKyle Milz2+67-50
2016-12-29 21:37Jam: switch Stringize from sed to perl implementationKyle Milz1+9-7
2016-12-29 05:22src: remove whitespace at eolKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-29 05:21move Jamrules tail into it's own file, againKyle Milz2+25-29
2016-12-28 21:37www: add link to zipKyle Milz1+3-4
2016-12-28 20:27src: don't use CITRUN_SHARE in citrun_wrap anymoreKyle Milz4+11-11
2016-12-28 19:36t: save and restore PATH so rm is always foundKyle Milz1+4-2
2016-12-26 22:09tt: sync tests with chganes in tkyle6+0-22
2016-12-26 21:47t: one less fork per testkyle1+2-3
2016-12-26 21:35Jam: merge Jamrules.tail into Jamruleskyle2+28-24
2016-12-26 21:18tt: citrun- -> citrun_kyle1+2-2
2016-12-26 21:18t: use relative #include path for Inline::Ckyle1+1-1
2016-12-26 21:11t: add whitespaceKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-12-26 21:10t: add empty_main function and remove uses of citrun_wrapKyle Milz18+79-104
2016-12-26 20:18man: CITRUN- -> CITRUN_Kyle Milz10+20-20
2016-12-26 20:15www: citrun-term.png citrun_term.pngKyle Milz2+1-1
2016-12-26 20:13src: don't always log "Switching .." lineKyle Milz1+6-4
2016-12-26 20:13configure: add whitespaceKyle Milz1+17-3
2016-12-26 20:07src: remove #ifdefs now that fonts path is in configureKyle Milz1+0-10
2016-12-26 20:02Jam: move PREFIX test into configure, nuke CITRUN_SRCDIRKyle Milz2+10-15
2016-12-26 19:49Jam: move InstallSyms to where it's usedKyle Milz2+20-18
2016-12-26 19:40configure: separate clang and llvm libs into variablesKyle Milz1+25-18
2016-12-25 21:34www: regen man pagesKyle Milz11+476-476
2016-12-25 21:16man: citrun- -> citrun_Kyle Milz11+368-368
2016-12-25 21:11citrun- -> citrun_Kyle Milz46+151-155
2016-12-25 20:48t: add prototype and forward declaration to silence warningKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-12-25 20:12src: move CLANG_LIBS into configure scriptKyle Milz2+53-84
2016-12-25 20:11src: add skips if binaries can't be foundKyle Milz4+4-1
2016-12-22 05:15src: move some stuff into Jamrules.tailKyle Milz3+74-55
2016-12-22 01:19src: move the rest of into configureKyle Milz3+41-39
2016-12-22 00:16move build modifiers into root JamfileKyle Milz2+31-25
2016-12-22 00:05move stuff from JamrulesKyle Milz3+19-18
2016-12-21 23:34add configure scriptKyle Milz5+178-165
2016-12-19 06:27tt: update useKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-19 06:26tt: stop assigning treedirKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-12-19 06:26t: always call enter_tmpdirKyle Milz32+12-49
2016-12-19 04:05src: set clang include backKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-19 00:37src: maybe make the right callKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-19 00:32t: exit when mktemp failsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-19 00:25t: simplify test by realizing citrun_node_add is reachableKyle Milz1+3-6
2016-12-19 00:25t: always modify_PATHKyle Milz32+2-37
2016-12-19 00:01t: rename to utils.pmKyle Milz5+4-4
2016-12-18 23:57t: merge into shm.pmKyle Milz6+16-26
2016-12-18 23:49t: merge t::program into t::tmpdirKyle Milz10+47-85
2016-12-18 23:21tt: no need to include here anymoreKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-12-18 23:20t: include onceKyle Milz34+3-33
2016-12-18 23:06src: remove ppm supportKyle Milz1+0-56
2016-12-18 22:58src: integrate gltest with glKyle Milz1+89-204
2016-12-18 21:59www: remove unneeded .screenshot classKyle Milz2+2-6
2016-12-18 21:57t: remove unneeded lineKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-12-18 21:55www: make max-width a bit skinnierKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-18 21:50www: use default fontKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-12-18 19:58src: use alternate ogl includes on osxKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-12-18 18:58t: fix test after variable name changeKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-18 18:58t: use Inline::C to get struct sizesKyle Milz2+41-22
2016-12-18 06:27src: add new 'exited' header fieldKyle Milz7+25-14
2016-12-18 04:48src: use vector instead of newKyle Milz2+3-3
2016-12-18 02:44src: remove advance_frame()Kyle Milz1+0-15
2016-12-17 23:13src: enable srgb framebuffer through glfwKyle Milz3+1-25
2016-12-17 23:03src: remove unused member variableKyle Milz2+1-3
2016-12-17 23:03shorten .proverc commentKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-12-17 22:58src: shuffle headersKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-17 22:02src: remove vsync stuffKyle Milz2+0-30
2016-12-17 08:09src: reduce length of variable nameKyle Milz1+4-5
2016-12-17 08:04src: clean up code, add commentsKyle Milz1+31-18
2016-12-17 07:36t: add some descriptionsKyle Milz1+6-8
2016-12-17 21:05src: fix source push_back on osxKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-17 06:46t: add a hackKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-12-17 06:41www: specify heightKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-17 06:37www: tweak wordingKyle Milz1+8-5
2016-12-17 06:01t: merge both www_ tests into oneKyle Milz3+16-29
2016-12-17 05:55www: add width to pictureKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-12-17 05:54www: delete <meta charset>Kyle Milz1+0-1
2016-12-17 05:22src: remove unused time.hKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-12-17 05:21src: remove unused commentsKyle Milz1+0-5
2016-12-17 05:20src: de-namespace static symbolsKyle Milz1+30-29
2016-12-17 02:37src: split TranslationUnit and ProcessFileKyle Milz8+303-275
2016-12-17 02:11t: add checks for translation units and locKyle Milz1+6-4
2016-12-17 02:08t: rename rt_ to lib_Kyle Milz5+0-0
2016-12-17 02:05src: rename rt to libKyle Milz9+155-155
2016-12-17 01:44src: give TranslationUnit its own GlBufferKyle Milz4+75-59
2016-12-16 08:28www: syncKyle Milz3+13-17
2016-12-16 08:24t: move www/t/ html validationKyle Milz2+15-5
2016-12-16 08:24t: move link test from www/t/Kyle Milz2+14-11
2016-12-16 07:56man: tweak openingKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-12-16 07:49man: clean up synopsys and sort listKyle Milz1+7-7
2016-12-16 07:26src: delete unused prototypeKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-12-16 07:17src: keep track of loc and translation units in runtime headerKyle Milz5+24-14
2016-12-16 05:45src: turn demo_buffer_t into a classKyle Milz6+101-141
2016-12-16 04:29src: remove unused functionsKyle Milz1+0-29
2016-12-16 04:27src: let each process file have its own gl bufferKyle Milz6+71-105
2016-12-16 03:41src: pull in correct header fileKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-16 03:14src: merge version file into rt.hKyle Milz7+11-11
2016-12-16 02:57src: add check for file size matchKyle Milz1+4-0
2016-12-16 02:43src: use std::memcpyKyle Milz1+2-3
2016-12-16 02:34update READMEKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-12-13 00:56src: remove two for sure unused linesKyle Milz1+0-3
2016-12-13 00:41src: silence warningKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-12-13 00:39src: unuse and delete trackballKyle Milz4+5-453
2016-12-12 03:48src: move #include <GL/glew.h> into the files its neededKyle Milz4+5-3
2016-12-12 03:41src: move #include <math.h> to where its neededKyle Milz2+1-1
2016-12-12 03:40src: move #include <assert.h> into the files that need itKyle Milz4+4-4
2016-12-12 03:37src: move #include <vector> out of common includesKyle Milz3+5-4
2016-12-12 00:34src: move demo-font -> gl_fontKyle Milz8+341-344
2016-12-12 00:24src: move demo_font_t into local scopeKyle Milz1+5-6
2016-12-12 00:07src: fix some warningsKyle Milz1+3-5
2016-12-11 21:08src: error if FONT_PATH isn't setKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-12-11 20:21src: clean up class definitonKyle Milz1+6-6
2016-12-11 20:20src: pass back concrete vector instead of pointerKyle Milz3+5-12
2016-12-11 19:59src: remove old main functionKyle Milz1+0-47
2016-12-11 19:56src: remove more unused functionsKyle Milz3+5-29
2016-12-11 19:49src: remove ununsed functionsKyle Milz1+0-35
2016-12-11 19:46src: hook up 'q' keyKyle Milz3+8-9
2016-12-11 19:34src: add new citrun-gltest binary that draws to image filesKyle Milz1+334-0
2016-12-11 19:33src: initial glut to glfw conversionKyle Milz5+125-43
2016-12-11 19:19Jamrules: go back to Debug/Release build msgsKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-12-10 02:09t: improve test descriptionKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-09 07:39src: remove newlineKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-12-09 07:25src: sync CITRUN_PROCDIR changesKyle Milz1+1-3
2016-12-09 07:19src: sync process file with runtimeKyle Milz3+165-150
2016-12-09 06:29src: remove unneeded commentKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-12-07 01:16src: InstrumentFrontend -> InstFrontendKyle Milz3+13-13
2016-12-07 01:04src: flatten some codepathsKyle Milz3+16-19
2016-12-06 05:31src: add sourceKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-12-06 01:30t: sync test for new outputKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-12-06 01:30src: don't log if there was an error opening the fileKyle Milz1+5-3
2016-12-06 01:30src: add comments and tighten functionsKyle Milz2+58-18
2016-12-06 01:26t: correct test extensionKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-12-05 03:36src: add error checking to stat and utimesKyle Milz3+36-7
2016-12-05 03:17src: add comments and collapse codeKyle Milz3+36-29
2016-12-05 02:55src: delete unneeded logging lineKyle Milz2+4-6
2016-12-05 02:51src: note where citrun-inst exitsKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-12-05 02:47src: remove unneeded checkKyle Milz1+0-3
2016-12-05 02:43src: move most of into inst_frontend.ccKyle Milz10+158-181
2016-12-05 00:22tt: is no moreKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-12-05 00:13src: replace logger with hand made stream bufferKyle Milz8+79-111
2016-12-04 22:25src/check: simplify and correct commentsKyle Milz1+4-6
2016-12-04 20:30src/check: delete dirs variableKyle Milz1+11-9
2016-12-04 19:42src: convert most of to awkKyle Milz4+78-111
2016-12-04 18:04tt: remove untrue commentsKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-12-04 00:03src: add commentsKyle Milz1+6-0
2016-12-02 03:45src: stop casting citrun_{major,minor} to unsignedKyle Milz3+7-9
2016-11-28 18:46tt: stop mutt from hanging when run from a terminalKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-11-28 18:45src/check: use a saner line read idiomKyle Milz1+6-7
2016-11-28 08:36t/wrap_cmake: make more platform independentKyle Milz1+10-9
2016-11-28 08:31src: use a void pointerKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-11-28 07:50t: add citrun-check with spaces in dirs testkyle1+15-0
2016-11-28 07:50t: bring check tests up to datekyle2+4-3
2016-11-28 07:49src/check: remove err, tighenkyle1+3-9
2016-11-28 07:39src/check: add set -ukyle1+12-17
2016-11-28 07:38src/check: add licensekyle1+15-2
2016-11-28 07:10src/check: remove more unneeded stuffkyle1+2-6
2016-11-28 06:59src/check: add a range functionkyle1+12-15
2016-11-28 06:47src/check: survive with set -ekyle1+20-15
2016-11-28 06:13t/wrap: add new test for parallel build commandskyle1+59-0
2016-11-28 06:04Jamrules: CITRUN_COVERAGE is no more!kyle2+10-15
2016-11-28 05:39src/citrun-inst: stop adding -coverage sometimeskyle2+2-8
2016-11-28 05:31t: add ar script to add gcov .a into libcitrun.akyle1+5-0
2016-11-28 05:12t/check_empty: enter tmpdirkyle1+1-0
2016-11-27 21:00distrib/darwin: remove unneeded dependenciesKyle Milz1+1-4
2016-11-27 20:55src: don't use %jd for off_t in printfKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-11-28 03:57src/check: don't leave behind spurious filekyle1+1-1
2016-11-28 03:02src/check: add function, tighten stylekyle1+44-33
2016-11-26 19:40t/rt_header: fuzzy match tmp_dir for osxKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-11-26 19:36t: suppress error outputKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-11-26 19:34t/inst_fail: don't test error messageKyle Milz1+2-7
2016-11-26 19:26try a "more compatible" way of setting CITRUN_SHAREkyle1+2-1
2016-11-26 19:16src: include string classKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-11-26 19:08tt/ccitrunrun: conditionalize obsd specific partsKyle Milz1+4-2
2016-11-26 19:08tt: skip all tests on osxKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-11-26 18:20distrib: don't list citrun-term in manifestkyle1+0-1
2016-11-26 18:20distrib: tighten packaging, remove doas usagekyle1+16-20
2016-11-26 18:12src: don't install citrun-termkyle1+1-1
2016-11-26 07:41no more -vkyle1+0-1
2016-11-26 07:40t: survive without '.' in PATHkyle5+5-5
2016-11-26 07:34replace -j5 with -v :(kyle1+1-1
2016-11-26 07:32add -j5 to test suitekyle1+1-0
2016-11-26 07:11tt/spidermonkey: skip for nowkyle1+7-2
2016-11-26 07:01tt/bash: use pkg_check_manifestkyle1+1-3
2016-11-26 07:00tt/ccitrunrun: bring up to datekyle1+34-57
2016-11-26 06:50tt/openssl: redirect stdout to dev null tookyle1+1-1
2016-11-26 06:39tt: bring openssl up to datekyle1+10-16
2016-11-26 06:35tt: bring nmap up to datekyle4+36-34
2016-11-26 06:15tt: remove an extraneous lskyle1+0-1
2016-11-26 06:14t/shm: move function to its only callerkyle2+7-12
2016-11-26 06:13tt/git: bring up to datekyle1+15-18
2016-11-26 05:46tt/mutt: bring up to datekyle1+119-5
2016-11-26 05:44tt/nvi: use new package.subr filekyle1+28-23
2016-11-26 05:44tt/bash: bring back up to datekyle1+4-3
2016-11-26 05:43tt: break out perl program from shell scriptkyle2+29-31
2016-11-26 05:43t: export CITRUN_PROCDIR in enter_tmpdirkyle5+8-5
2016-11-26 05:16tt: update bash for new package.subrkyle1+195-25
2016-11-26 05:14src: change CITRUN_PROCFILE to CITRUN_PROCDIRkyle11+72-55
2016-11-24 02:48t: remove newlinekyle1+0-1
2016-11-24 02:48t/utils: remove commented linekyle1+0-1
2016-11-24 02:47t: add explicit tests for cmake, jam, make, and ninjakyle4+197-0
2016-11-21 08:28t: reduce usage of jam in testsuitekyle2+7-14
2016-11-21 07:58t: split apart libtap and tmp dir creationkyle28+197-96
2016-11-20 20:42src: do less copying in the runtimekyle3+41-51
2016-11-20 20:39t: write test program to temp dirkyle11+119-70
2016-11-20 05:57src: more uint_* pruningkyle1+2-2
2016-11-20 04:54t: pid must be > 1kyle1+3-3
2016-11-20 04:54src: trim down runtimekyle4+40-56
2016-11-20 01:44t: add new test for -ansi flagkyle1+34-0
2016-11-20 01:43t/ clean up unpack a bitkyle1+4-2
2016-11-20 01:43src: remove unused #define and includeskyle1+1-3
2016-11-20 01:39tt/package.subr: use () instead of function keywordkyle1+7-7
2016-11-20 01:39t: sync page skip logic with rt.ckyle1+5-1
2016-11-19 20:34move two scripts into Jamruleskyle3+23-16
2016-11-19 20:02t/utils.subr: use () instead of the function keywordkyle1+3-3
2016-11-12 23:34distrib: use rt.c not runtime.ckyle1+1-1
2016-11-12 22:44src: convert runtime to use native instead of fixed width typeskyle6+40-43
2016-11-12 20:51t/rt_exectotals: increase delay and reduce total iterationskyle1+3-3
2016-11-12 20:48Jamrules: expand on comment about debug/release buildskyle1+6-2
2016-11-12 20:48src: remove debugging assignments and commentkyle1+0-2
2016-11-12 20:47src: move struct citrun_header into rt.hkyle4+24-11
2016-11-12 19:58www: use self closing <img> tagkyle1+1-1
2016-11-12 19:37bin -> distribkyle18+0-0
2016-11-12 19:27tlib: move and to t/kyle29+51-51
2016-11-12 19:16tt: fix report package namekyle1+1-1
2016-11-12 19:00tt: move package functions to tt/kyle10+68-68
2016-11-09 07:28tlib: move into tt/kyle1+0-0
2016-11-09 07:26t: move + program into t/kyle10+16-16
2016-11-09 07:20t: move into t/kyle6+106-106
2016-10-22 19:41src: use correct llvm version for obsd 60Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-10-22 05:25add BUGSKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-11-09 06:52src: copy a struct instead of hand packing datakyle9+79-162
2016-10-22 05:06t: remove unused useKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-10-22 04:26t: fix rt_size on page size != 4k archsKyle Milz1+7-4
2016-10-22 03:52src: disable citrun-termKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-10-08 16:48src/rt: sync comments with realityKyle Milz1+20-15
2016-09-26 00:30src: merge shm.{cc,h} into process_file.{cc,h}Kyle Milz6+119-143
2016-09-26 00:04src: comment + whitespace fixesKyle Milz1+2-5
2016-09-25 19:56src: add file magic 'citrun' to offset 0 of memory filesKyle Milz6+38-10
2016-09-25 14:40src: comment and whitespaceKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-09-25 03:13src/rt: add comments and improve namingKyle Milz1+70-43
2016-09-24 17:27src: add some static and commentsKyle Milz1+11-8
2016-09-24 16:43src: remove window classKyle Milz1+63-101
2016-09-24 16:38src: get gl into basic working state againKyle Milz3+56-66
2016-09-18 14:16src: show execution count differenceskyle3+15-15
2016-09-17 05:21src: exec_diffs -> exec_countskyle3+4-4
2016-09-17 04:45src: do an initial scan before loopingkyle1+1-0
2016-09-17 04:32src: sync c++ with runtime changeskyle5+28-27
2016-09-17 04:23prove: don't shuffle alwayskyle1+0-3
2016-09-10 04:27tlib: remove unused signal handling functionKyle Milz1+0-6
2016-09-10 04:27t: remove dependence on Test::CmdKyle Milz2+4-9
2016-09-07 00:20bin/gcov: tests can failkyle1+2-2
2016-09-06 13:20tt: use obsd 6.0 packages as expected output basiskyle5+50-51
2016-09-06 13:18src: add -I for bug in openbsdkyle1+2-0
2016-09-05 22:46src: generalize message for easier testingkyle2+2-2
2016-09-02 06:49rename test to tlibKyle Milz52+340-340
2016-09-01 13:52tt: check translation units in nviKyle Milz1+124-5
2016-09-01 04:31t: use ./ in two more placesKyle Milz2+4-4
2016-09-01 04:15t: use ./ instead of bare binary nameKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-09-01 04:14test: for sed use -i before -eKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-09-01 04:10tt: add shebang linesKyle Milz5+5-0
2016-09-01 04:09tt: update spidermonkey to use libtapKyle Milz1+9-8
2016-09-01 03:25tt: switch ccitrunrun to libtapKyle Milz4+111-96
2016-09-01 02:53tt: update nmap to use libtapKyle Milz1+13-12
2016-09-01 02:52test: catch shm up with recent changesKyle Milz1+11-1
2016-09-01 02:52test: move program one dir deeperKyle Milz10+22-10
2016-09-01 02:06tt: start converting e2e tests to use libtap.shKyle Milz6+80-89
2016-09-01 01:20tweak readmeKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-09-01 00:46src: runtime -> rtKyle Milz6+209-209
2016-09-01 00:34src: shell scripts should have shell extensionsKyle Milz3+2-2
2016-09-01 00:31www: sync manKyle Milz3+14-16
2016-09-01 00:31man: sync with realityKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-09-01 00:30man: polish wrapKyle Milz1+8-8
2016-09-01 00:24man: update checkKyle Milz1+15-17
2016-09-01 00:02add comments to provercKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-08-31 23:58src/check: use getoptKyle Milz21+116-61
2016-08-31 05:21src: error to console when PATH is badKyle Milz2+13-35
2016-08-31 04:51src: change runtime interface slightlyKyle Milz2+28-30
2016-08-31 04:50test: compile test program at test timeKyle Milz3+3-9
2016-08-31 02:19link gl with c++ linkerKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-31 01:21src: delete dumpKyle Milz1+0-94
2016-08-31 01:02src: always write citrun.log file and sometimes tee to consoleKyle Milz3+35-40
2016-08-31 00:38test: unlink shm file on destroyKyle Milz2+8-3
2016-08-30 04:13t: delete bogus testKyle Milz1+0-16
2016-08-30 04:13t: delete bogus testKyle Milz1+0-21
2016-08-30 04:11test: push hash references and not bare hashesKyle Milz2+10-10
2016-08-30 02:34t: modify other perl tests to use shm.pmKyle Milz5+26-54
2016-08-30 02:32t: convert exec totals to perlKyle Milz3+120-37
2016-08-30 00:34Jamrules: use c++ linker for c++ applicationsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-30 00:33src: unlink citrun-dump from build + 2 other misc changesKyle Milz1+6-11
2016-08-30 00:32t: save and restore PATH in inst_pathKyle Milz1+9-8
2016-08-30 00:25src: add gcc symlink for e2e testsKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-08-30 00:23t: add new test for translation unitsKyle Milz1+34-0
2016-08-30 00:22t: replace rt_size with a perl versionKyle Milz2+11-12
2016-08-30 00:21t: use perl for rt_headerKyle Milz2+39-22
2016-08-30 00:10test: compile test program with buildKyle Milz5+56-0
2016-08-30 00:07test: remove project.shKyle Milz1+0-60
2016-08-30 00:01t: remove deleted filesKyle Milz3+0-108
2016-08-29 23:59.proverc: execute both shell and perl testsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-29 23:59test: add libtap.shKyle Milz1+248-0
2016-08-29 23:59t: change shell tests to use libtap.shKyle Milz28+313-221
2016-08-24 05:53test: merge CITRUN_TESTING and TEST_TOOLS env varsKyle Milz37+70-71
2016-08-24 05:39tt/nvi: updateKyle Milz1+19-4
2016-08-24 05:33t: remove USR1 signal handlingKyle Milz4+3-11
2016-08-24 05:23src: split function in twoKyle Milz1+19-14
2016-08-24 05:14Jam: some rule tweaksKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-08-24 05:13t: refactor test to fail easierKyle Milz4+18-25
2016-08-24 04:59src: remove unused constructorKyle Milz2+0-6
2016-08-24 04:58src: get gl compiling againKyle Milz1+20-15
2016-08-24 04:41src: get term compiling againKyle Milz1+37-30
2016-08-24 04:14src: split out function to scan process dirKyle Milz3+31-10
2016-08-23 05:05Wextra is too much on clangKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-23 05:01Jam: keep dev tightKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-08-23 05:00Jam: try and use sed cross platformlyKyle Milz1+4-2
2016-08-23 04:50t: include header file in badver testKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-08-23 04:48t: remove & useKyle Milz1+1-5
2016-08-23 04:31t: use pwd -P on osxKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-23 04:25test: remove functionKyle Milz1+2-7
2016-08-23 04:25t: change number of testsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-23 04:24t: bye unlink_shmKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-08-23 04:23t: no more unlink_shmKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-08-23 04:23src: update err textKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-23 04:23src: make function constKyle Milz2+2-2
2016-08-23 04:22t: get runtime tests in better orderKyle Milz10+96-110
2016-08-23 02:12t: test shared memory file sizeKyle Milz1+12-0
2016-08-23 01:34man: two tweaksKyle Milz1+3-2
2016-08-23 01:33src: let runtime write page alignedKyle Milz1+44-42
2016-08-23 01:33src: parse page aligned memory mapped filesKyle Milz9+206-142
2016-08-22 04:30src: move declaration closer to useKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-21 18:48www: syncKyle Milz4+79-7
2016-08-21 18:46src: Shell adds shebangKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-08-21 18:45man: add citrun-instKyle Milz2+69-1
2016-08-21 18:42man: tighten long paragrpahKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-08-20 22:03src: add CITRUN_SHMPATH env var overrideKyle Milz8+31-12
2016-08-20 21:32t: fix testKyle Milz1+4-4
2016-08-20 21:19src: add an unlink command to dumpKyle Milz1+22-19
2016-08-20 21:03src: don't report calls to citrun-instKyle Milz2+16-23
2016-08-20 21:02src: remove more loggingKyle Milz19+15-26
2016-08-20 20:45src: reduce some loggingKyle Milz3+20-24
2016-08-20 20:29Jam: move script to where its usedKyle Milz2+6-18
2016-08-20 19:37Jam: simplify wrapper makingKyle Milz2+8-25
2016-08-20 19:21bin: -g should be good enough?Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-20 19:18src: use strings from -D instead of insane STR macroKyle Milz3+6-12
2016-08-20 18:49src: rearrange jamfileKyle Milz1+7-9
2016-08-20 18:31bin: get packaging working againKyle Milz2+5-11
2016-08-20 18:26t: modify tests to call cc rather than gccKyle Milz2+3-3
2016-08-20 18:11src: don't compile runtime with -pthreadKyle Milz1+3-1
2016-08-20 18:07src: add permanent symlinks for compilersKyle Milz2+4-0
2016-08-20 18:04src: get gl compiling againKyle Milz1+44-51
2016-08-20 17:54src: simplify installing of symlinksKyle Milz2+11-25
2016-08-20 17:26t: make sed more portableKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-20 17:17Jam: some cleanupKyle Milz2+6-7
2016-08-20 17:10Jam: coverage lib can be simplified now tooKyle Milz1+4-6
2016-08-20 16:52Jam: link with the right linkerKyle Milz2+14-14
2016-08-20 15:39link dump with stdec++ tooKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-08-20 15:25t: patch up this test for nowKyle Milz2+11-10
2016-08-20 07:25www: skinny but make screenshot widerKyle Milz1+2-4
2016-08-20 07:18src: error out when incompatible runtime objects are runKyle Milz2+6-5
2016-08-20 06:59src: make citrun-dump loopKyle Milz2+21-22
2016-08-20 06:59test: updateKyle Milz1+34-14
2016-08-20 06:31tt: update muttKyle Milz2+37-156
2016-08-20 06:27tt: cleanupKyle Milz1+0-42
2016-08-20 06:26tt: add bashKyle Milz1+43-0
2016-08-20 06:24tt: get nvi passingKyle Milz2+38-38
2016-08-20 06:18tt: update spidermonkey to use shellKyle Milz2+39-46
2016-08-20 05:47t: remove useless callKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-08-20 05:46t/fail: check the logKyle Milz1+18-2
2016-08-20 05:42t: fix this bad bad testKyle Milz1+8-18
2016-08-20 05:41tt: update gitKyle Milz2+329-328
2016-08-20 05:26tt: get nmap passingKyle Milz2+150-149
2016-08-20 04:56tt: update opensslKyle Milz2+739-43
2016-08-20 03:37man: tightenKyle Milz2+17-28
2016-08-20 03:37src: fiddle with interfaceKyle Milz2+4-6
2016-08-20 03:32src: add O_CLOEXECKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-20 03:31test: move total exec counting into functionKyle Milz2+22-12
2016-08-20 03:29t: remove CITRUN_SOCKET referencesKyle Milz4+0-5
2016-08-20 02:17t: use .sh extensionsKyle Milz55+1043-1068
2016-08-19 22:10src: add a castKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-19 22:08src: use the right format specifiersKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-08-19 22:07src: add versionKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-08-19 22:01src: include header for getprognameKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-08-19 21:59src: dont put version in runtime headerKyle Milz7+9-13
2016-08-19 21:51src: change error output slightlyKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-19 21:21src: clarify purposeKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-19 21:19src: dont use pid_tKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-08-19 21:05src: always unlink shared memoryKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-08-19 21:03src: add source dumping and test itKyle Milz4+55-2
2016-08-19 20:35tt: rewrite nvi test using shellKyle Milz1+12-139
2016-08-19 20:30tt: add bashKyle Milz1+42-0
2016-08-19 19:34src: commit this now that we have a test case for itKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-19 19:17tt: use new tools for validationKyle Milz1+282-274
2016-08-19 19:10tt: add new nmap testKyle Milz1+149-0
2016-08-19 19:00src: stop forking so many damned thingsKyle Milz5+22-54
2016-08-19 18:27test: add commentsKyle Milz1+4-0
2016-08-19 04:57src: get term compiling againKyle Milz1+11-23
2016-08-19 04:49test: remove more commentsKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-08-19 04:48t: remove duplicated testKyle Milz1+0-12
2016-08-19 04:45test: remove commentKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-08-19 04:44t: do less echo ok'sKyle Milz1+5-2
2016-08-19 04:43src: do less copyingKyle Milz5+56-39
2016-08-19 04:38man: remove line thats not printed anymoreKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-08-19 01:13src/check: don't scrape for main func instrumentationsKyle Milz1+11-12
2016-08-19 01:12t: update tests in light of recent changesKyle Milz20+41-60
2016-08-19 00:56test: remove unused viewerKyle Milz1+0-141
2016-08-19 00:56t: replace remaining two runtime tests with shellKyle Milz3+37-83
2016-08-19 00:36test: use new citrun-dump utility to start overhauling runtime testsKyle Milz7+169-158
2016-08-18 23:46src: switch communication link to shared memoryKyle Milz13+244-531
2016-08-16 23:57test: remove and use new insteadKyle Milz5+387-1047
2016-08-15 04:39www: remove packages sectionKyle Milz1+1-31
2016-08-15 04:37www: syncKyle Milz2+91-21
2016-08-15 04:36src: stop printing number of log filesKyle Milz16+4-20
2016-08-15 04:19man/check: add count descriptionsKyle Milz1+75-18
2016-08-15 03:25src: -M is a preprocessing arg tooKyle Milz1+12-1
2016-08-15 02:49src/runtime: don't say that we're forking a viewerKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-08-15 02:47src: use explicit when subclassing clang/llvm stuffKyle Milz2+3-3
2016-08-14 22:27tt: add spidermonkey now that it finishesKyle Milz1+46-0
2016-08-14 20:53man: clarify incremental builds and log fileKyle Milz1+7-2
2016-08-14 20:52t: update expected outputs after recent changesKyle Milz21+91-99
2016-08-14 20:08src: try compiling unmodified source if modified source compile failsKyle Milz4+46-44
2016-08-14 07:07t: add new test for bad dir to citrun-checkKyle Milz1+14-0
2016-08-14 07:07src: polish checkKyle Milz1+28-26
2016-08-14 06:41man: introduce why citrun-wrap is necessaryKyle Milz1+33-17
2016-08-14 03:58src: move some logging into mainKyle Milz3+3-6
2016-08-14 03:46src: some random cleanups in frontendKyle Milz2+41-43
2016-08-14 03:24src: rename objectKyle Milz3+17-16
2016-08-14 03:07src: print number of milliseconds the front end tookKyle Milz19+43-52
2016-08-13 23:23src: remove bad constructorKyle Milz7+42-50
2016-08-13 23:10src: break log implementation out into fileKyle Milz3+75-50
2016-08-13 19:18src: kill whitespaceKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-08-13 19:18t: fix total number of testsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-13 19:18src: start documenting dynamic runtime interfaceKyle Milz1+11-2
2016-08-13 19:11src: cobine PATH modifying tests into oneKyle Milz2+58-15
2016-08-13 17:43bin: fix distfile locationKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-13 10:04src: split inst_main into twoKyle Milz4+298-275
2016-08-13 09:55src: break out link check into functionKyle Milz2+17-11
2016-08-13 09:49src: unfuck some logicKyle Milz2+9-12
2016-08-13 09:34t: add signal to test program so it can hopefully exit cleanKyle Milz4+33-14
2016-08-13 09:20t: whitespaceKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-13 08:53test: no need to call setup anymoreKyle Milz23+47-59
2016-08-13 06:17t: add new test for instrument preambleKyle Milz1+50-0
2016-08-13 06:08t: add new test for source file extensionsKyle Milz1+33-0
2016-08-13 05:31src: make logging object locally scopedKyle Milz2+14-22
2016-08-13 03:30src: return from main when path clean failsKyle Milz2+16-13
2016-08-13 03:10tt: instrumented header lines isn't printed anymoreKyle Milz4+1-5
2016-08-13 03:09src: deduplicate some warningsKyle Milz2+6-11
2016-08-13 02:44src: stop printing number of lines of preambleKyle Milz20+53-59
2016-08-13 01:56src: add copy constructor to logKyle Milz5+46-42
2016-08-13 01:31src: use new logger in actionKyle Milz4+23-17
2016-08-13 01:17src: add a logging class for instrumentKyle Milz3+167-105
2016-08-12 20:56t: add test for long function declarationsKyle Milz1+52-0
2016-08-12 20:48src: make major and minor constKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-08-12 20:48t: shorten up test codeKyle Milz10+59-96
2016-08-12 20:46t: add macro testKyle Milz1+51-0
2016-08-12 20:30t: add new wrap test for exit codeKyle Milz1+9-0
2016-08-12 20:29test: don't set PATH to in tree toolsKyle Milz20+55-66
2016-08-12 06:44src: use more consistent naming in runtimeKyle Milz2+12-12
2016-08-12 06:35src: change name to be shorterKyle Milz9+33-33
2016-08-12 06:29src: remove namespace std from inst_actionKyle Milz2+31-31
2016-08-12 06:20src: use preincrementKyle Milz1+6-6
2016-08-12 06:17src: include local header at beginning of fileKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-08-12 06:16src: decompose function into many functionsKyle Milz2+67-40
2016-08-12 05:49src: add binary operator supportKyle Milz17+111-24
2016-08-12 03:35src: remove uneeded objectKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-12 03:35src: skip record declarations tooKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-08-12 01:55src: don;t traverse macrosKyle Milz6+50-44
2016-08-12 00:59src: dont traverse global variables or enumsKyle Milz6+13-5
2016-08-12 00:41src: only traverse declarations in main fileKyle Milz12+29-18
2016-08-12 00:20t: add new version for mismatched tu checkingKyle Milz3+30-2
2016-08-12 00:15tt: update counts after only instrumenting in main changeKyle Milz4+31-32
2016-08-12 00:01src: remove lines total from runtime interfaceKyle Milz6+4-13
2016-08-11 23:42src: only rewrite source code in primary fileKyle Milz1+1-4
2016-08-11 05:26bin: switch src locationKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-11 05:25bin: don't install built packageKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-11 05:25tt: update muttKyle Milz1+37-2
2016-08-11 05:25tt: update ccitrunrunKyle Milz1+41-9
2016-08-11 05:23bin: update ccitrunrunKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-08-11 04:56test: compare deps against whats installedKyle Milz1+4-2
2016-08-11 04:37tt: update gitKyle Milz1+35-4
2016-08-11 04:34tt: add citrun-check stuff to opensslKyle Milz1+33-4
2016-08-11 04:31Revert "src: add a counter for system header statements"Kyle Milz8+2-12
2016-08-11 04:24src: add a counter for system header statementsKyle Milz8+12-2
2016-08-11 04:13test: chdir to tmpdir as soon as possibleKyle Milz2+40-13
2016-08-11 04:12src: don't instrument in system headersKyle Milz7+30-14
2016-08-11 00:05test: remove unused functionsKyle Milz1+0-15
2016-08-11 00:04test: move package.pmKyle Milz2+55-55
2016-08-10 23:33src: add new rewrite error counterKyle Milz3+20-25
2016-08-10 07:44test: move report.pmKyle Milz2+97-97
2016-08-10 07:43test: forgtoKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-10 07:43test: move viewerKyle Milz10+157-157
2016-08-10 07:40tt: remove old patches dirKyle Milz1+0-12
2016-08-10 07:37test: move project.pmKyle Milz5+8-8
2016-08-10 07:34Test: factor out file writingKyle Milz1+11-11
2016-08-10 07:29t: remove crufty testKyle Milz1+0-60
2016-08-10 07:27Test: remove ability to provide custom srcKyle Milz5+78-124
2016-08-10 06:52t: update test planKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-10 06:51t: renameKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-08-10 06:51t: improve hello worldKyle Milz1+33-12
2016-08-10 06:46src: make grep a bit more uniqueKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-10 06:46tests: actually delete process_citrun_logKyle Milz1+0-8
2016-08-10 06:46t: use citrun-check in two_srcKyle Milz1+23-45
2016-08-10 06:42t: renmaeKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-08-10 06:42t: delete process_citrun_logKyle Milz7+135-157
2016-08-10 06:18t: renameKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-08-10 06:17t: unbreak testKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-08-10 06:13src: fix thinkoKyle Milz2+4-4
2016-08-10 06:11src: make citrun-check not have any pathsKyle Milz2+27-6
2016-08-10 06:10t: improve multi source testKyle Milz2+65-46
2016-08-10 05:15src: use the term loops instead of statementsKyle Milz5+9-9
2016-08-10 05:12t: actually testKyle Milz1+48-30
2016-08-10 04:54src: add do/while loop supportKyle Milz4+68-4
2016-08-10 04:46src: use an enum to keep track of countersKyle Milz3+25-12
2016-08-10 04:45src/check: typeset tmpKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-08-10 04:43src: print diagnostics to stdout when called citrun-instKyle Milz1+7-5
2016-08-10 03:30src: use let and try to add proper loopsKyle Milz1+29-15
2016-08-10 02:54src: collapse install into one placeKyle Milz1+7-5
2016-08-10 02:48www: nudge max-widthKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-10 01:08bin: move stringize hereKyle Milz2+1-1
2016-08-10 00:50www: dont link citrun-gl manpageKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-08-10 00:12src: install citrun-inst in binKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-10 00:12src/check: remove shebangKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-08-10 00:08use CITRUN_SHARE instead of CITRUN_{PATH,LIB}Kyle Milz11+28-25
2016-08-09 23:24update more pathsKyle Milz3+4-4
2016-08-09 23:22bin: tweak script for new pathKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-09 23:22lib: move to srcKyle Milz8+12-12
2016-08-09 23:09src: move out of the wayKyle Milz6+91-91
2016-08-09 05:09src: use an ostringstreamKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-08-09 04:40src/inst: use std namespaceKyle Milz1+29-27
2016-08-09 04:37src/inst: split function in twoKyle Milz2+43-30
2016-08-09 04:14src/check: add exclamation to important lineKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-09 04:14src: rename ast visitorKyle Milz5+137-137
2016-08-09 04:09src: move ast visitor statistics descriptionsKyle Milz2+18-16
2016-08-09 03:44src: use array instead of vectorKyle Milz1+3-2
2016-08-09 03:36Test: test suite not ready for relative file pathsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-09 03:31src/check: tweak wordingKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-08-09 03:29src: drop frame rate to 33 fpsKyle Milz1+16-17
2016-08-09 02:35t: get this test passingKyle Milz1+20-14
2016-08-09 02:33Test: use compiler name in testsuite tooKyle Milz1+3-2
2016-08-09 02:33src: use compiler file name downstreamKyle Milz4+8-6
2016-08-09 02:32lib: send along the compiler file name at runtime tooKyle Milz13+39-23
2016-08-09 01:00src: fix off by one in line buffersKyle Milz8+42-41
2016-08-08 23:52src/check: add instrumentation totalsKyle Milz1+55-23
2016-08-08 04:59tt: update test counts now that inst_sites is no moreKyle Milz5+5-5
2016-08-08 04:48t: use library instead of hand rollingKyle Milz1+3-8
2016-08-08 03:58src: only print instrumentation summary values when > 0Kyle Milz10+49-87
2016-08-08 03:21t: stop checking for inst_sites at runtimeKyle Milz5+10-14
2016-08-08 03:15t: use in inst_logKyle Milz1+3-8
2016-08-08 03:15t: switch inst_return to shellKyle Milz1+48-11
2016-08-08 02:52t: use -c switch to reduce logging outputKyle Milz3+6-9
2016-08-08 02:51t: convert inst_while to shellKyle Milz1+50-18
2016-08-08 02:45t: remove double printed linesKyle Milz2+0-4
2016-08-08 02:44t: switch inst_switch from Perl to shellKyle Milz2+53-12
2016-08-08 02:39t: move inst_for to shell from PerlKyle Milz1+55-17
2016-08-08 02:19test: add new test shell libraryKyle Milz1+17-0
2016-08-08 02:18t: replace Perl inst_if with a shell oneKyle Milz1+60-17
2016-08-08 02:18src: allow citrun-inst to be ran directlyKyle Milz2+30-11
2016-08-08 00:25src: give main a header fileKyle Milz3+65-60
2016-08-08 00:15src: update c++ side of runtimeKyle Milz2+0-2
2016-08-08 00:14Test: start unbreaking after last changeKyle Milz3+41-2
2016-08-08 00:11src: improve logging from ast visitorKyle Milz7+122-31
2016-08-07 22:13src: add some checking if we're run as citrun-instKyle Milz1+13-1
2016-08-07 18:39src: use c++ style comments for license headerKyle Milz3+45-45
2016-08-06 22:11src: update openbsd clang to 3.8.1Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-06 22:11Test: use in tree tools for end to end testingKyle Milz3+5-6
2016-08-06 21:58bin: don't clean -fdx in gcov because buildbot already doesKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-08-06 21:55bin: run end to end tests during coverage tooKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-08-06 09:49tt/ccitrunrun: use new binary namesKyle Milz2+10-4
2016-08-06 02:17tt: fix muttKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-06 01:50tt: add ccitrunrunKyle Milz1+63-0
2016-08-06 01:45bin/pkg: don't use custom PORTPATHKyle Milz7+12-20
2016-08-06 01:32pkg: use citrun distfile for ccitrunrunKyle Milz1+10-2
2016-08-06 00:28bin: let be run from rootKyle Milz1+7-8
2016-08-06 00:24tt: add gitKyle Milz1+293-0
2016-08-05 23:45src: use a common read_string() functionKyle Milz3+14-12
2016-08-05 23:25src: check against citrun_major instead of hardcoded 0Kyle Milz3+4-4
2016-08-05 23:16lib: add guard against mixing and matching instrumented objectsKyle Milz1+9-0
2016-08-05 23:08lib: add citrun_{major,minor} runtime.h varsKyle Milz5+17-13
2016-08-05 22:06www: syncKyle Milz2+2-2
2016-08-05 22:06man: tweakKyle Milz2+1-2
2016-08-05 21:51t: add new test for basic link caseKyle Milz1+39-0
2016-08-05 21:35t: add test for two source files on one command line.Kyle Milz1+57-0
2016-08-05 21:14t: remove redundant num tus checksKyle Milz2+2-4
2016-08-05 21:13Test: check number of tus in cmp_static_dataKyle Milz8+15-31
2016-08-05 21:04bin: gcov script does a real good cleanKyle Milz2+3-0
2016-08-05 20:54Test: remove dependency on List::MoreUtilsKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-08-05 20:46Test: simplify get_dynamic_dataKyle Milz1+11-25
2016-08-05 20:23t/rt_dynmaic: check data 60 times in a loopKyle Milz1+11-10
2016-08-05 19:20t: move static runtime checking into rt_staticKyle Milz2+11-17
2016-08-05 19:13rt: rename testKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-08-05 19:12bin/pkg: remove -xKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-05 07:04www: syncKyle Milz3+8-8
2016-08-05 07:03man: improvementsKyle Milz3+17-12
2016-08-05 06:53tt: update total test countsKyle Milz3+6-6
2016-08-05 06:50www: language blurbKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-08-05 06:41www: syncKyle Milz1+7-9
2016-08-05 06:40man: make synopsis betterKyle Milz1+10-14
2016-08-05 06:24www: add some paddingKyle Milz1+1-3
2016-08-05 06:08Test: shorten variable namesKyle Milz5+6-6
2016-08-05 06:03Test: remove uneeded read_stringKyle Milz1+3-9
2016-08-05 06:00Test: keep tightening viewerKyle Milz1+10-12
2016-08-05 05:59Test: move pid and version checking into it's own testKyle Milz6+46-48
2016-08-05 05:52Test: factor out some common codeKyle Milz1+23-22
2016-08-05 05:36Test: move CITRUN_SOCKET setting into ProjectKyle Milz14+5-20
2016-08-05 05:05www: commit but don;t use running CKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-08-05 05:03pkg: move to binKyle Milz15+0-0
2016-08-05 05:02pkg: tightenKyle Milz1+2-7
2016-08-05 05:02pkg/darwin: copy right packageKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-05 04:43pkg/darwin: update to clang 3.8Kyle Milz1+3-3
2016-08-05 04:43src: apple doesn't get adaptive sleepingKyle Milz1+4-0
2016-08-05 03:53tt: simplify mutt tooKyle Milz1+0-4
2016-08-05 04:39src: use different linker opts per platformKyle Milz2+19-17
2016-08-05 04:16src: upgrade clang header versionKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-05 04:01src: fix up some missing includesKyle Milz2+2-0
2016-08-05 03:47pkg/openbsd: add citrun-checkKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-08-05 03:45Test: put build commands in single scriptKyle Milz3+12-27
2016-08-05 03:25www: tighten openingKyle Milz1+2-5
2016-08-05 03:06www: updateKyle Milz3+5-6
2016-08-05 02:38src: don't print "Done." inconsistentlyKyle Milz2+0-7
2016-08-05 02:24bin: add static analysis wrapper scriptKyle Milz3+10-0
2016-08-05 02:14use CITRUN_COVERAGE to turn on coverage build featuresKyle Milz4+19-2
2016-08-05 01:51bin: first crack at gcov scriptKyle Milz1+6-0
2016-08-05 01:49www: start keeping track of generated html man pagesKyle Milz7+359-7
2016-08-05 01:35man/check: add example outputKyle Milz1+19-6
2016-08-05 01:34src: tweak checkKyle Milz1+3-4
2016-08-05 01:01Test: add WRKDIR PATH hack for openbsdKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-05 00:59src: log entire command lineKyle Milz2+7-4
2016-08-05 00:44src/check: add error functionKyle Milz2+14-12
2016-08-05 00:28src/inst: tighten instrument() functionKyle Milz2+19-24
2016-08-05 00:12src: remove some loggingKyle Milz1+2-6
2016-08-05 00:05src: change logging slightly.Kyle Milz2+5-5
2016-08-04 06:19src: don't get all weird when citrun-wrap -foo is passedKyle Milz2+13-0
2016-08-04 06:02man: install citrun-check.1Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-04 06:01src: tweak checkKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-08-04 06:01man: add page for citrun-checkKyle Milz3+49-5
2016-08-04 05:22src: add new script citrun-checkKyle Milz1+45-0
2016-08-04 05:16src: add a log space when citrun-inst beginsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-04 03:45src/inst: put source file detection into its own functionKyle Milz1+44-39
2016-08-04 00:47man: pair up C/C++ compilersKyle Milz1+4-12
2016-08-03 23:53src/inst: split out argv0 checking into its own functionKyle Milz1+55-46
2016-08-03 23:43src: use .get() instead of &*Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-03 06:37src: don't double output loggingKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-08-03 06:36t: put diff args in right orderKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-03 06:11src: deduplicate exec() functionKyle Milz1+17-16
2016-08-03 06:06src: add linking checks closer to arg parsingKyle Milz1+38-42
2016-08-03 05:33src: show warning when log file open is badKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-08-03 04:57tt: don't do darwin specific checkingKyle Milz1+0-12
2016-08-03 04:53Test: redo end to end testingKyle Milz4+993-198
2016-08-03 04:37tt: delete old testsKyle Milz2+0-875
2016-08-03 03:48t: update log for recent src changesKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-08-03 03:40src: handle when argv[0] is not a bare nameKyle Milz1+10-0
2016-08-03 02:34src: print error when source can't be rewrittenKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-08-02 23:55src: fix build break and add PATH loggingKyle Milz1+3-1
2016-08-02 23:31src: call clean_path explicitlyKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-02 23:28src/inst: put constructor under class defKyle Milz1+21-21
2016-08-02 03:16lib: simplify counter sendingKyle Milz2+11-25
2016-08-02 02:28pkg/openbsd: citrun-term is installed now too.Kyle Milz1+1-0
2016-08-02 02:27man: mention that incremental building worksKyle Milz1+4-0
2016-08-01 21:23src: install citrun-termKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-08-01 19:43t: tweak inst_log testKyle Milz1+14-13
2016-08-01 19:32t: add test for citrun.log fileKyle Milz2+75-2
2016-08-01 19:31Test: fix typoKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-08-01 18:55man: try out a new list styleKyle Milz1+24-13
2016-08-01 18:46man: mention citrun-wrap exits with build command exit codeKyle Milz1+9-0
2016-08-01 18:38man: mention citrun.logKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-08-01 18:27man: use better idiomsKyle Milz1+5-9
2016-08-01 18:12src: tighten logging messagesKyle Milz1+5-4
2016-08-01 18:01src: break up > 80 char lineKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-08-01 17:57src: break up constructorKyle Milz1+7-0
2016-08-01 17:55src: collapse two log lines into 1Kyle Milz1+4-4
2016-08-01 17:31src: compact raw_fd_ostream constructionKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-08-01 17:31src: remove unused iostream includesKyle Milz3+0-3
2016-08-01 17:30src: add logging to citrun-instKyle Milz1+97-33
2016-08-01 04:35src: send citrun-inst diagnostic messages to logKyle Milz2+9-8
2016-08-01 02:09Test: use an array to store pid valuesKyle Milz5+14-12
2016-08-01 01:50t: do a soft closeKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-08-01 01:32t: more tests should have their own socketsKyle Milz2+5-1
2016-08-01 01:25t: add first citrun-term testKyle Milz1+27-0
2016-08-01 01:23t: don't leak tmp filesKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-08-01 01:21t: don't leak tmp filesKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-07-31 19:01tt: set CITRUN_SOCKET per testKyle Milz4+6-3
2016-07-31 18:43t: set CITRUN_SOCKET explicitly per testKyle Milz13+22-35
2016-07-31 17:34src: delete CITRUN_TESTINGKyle Milz10+13-301
2016-07-31 16:49www: update linksKyle Milz1+7-7
2016-07-31 16:45README: add curses to dependenciesKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-07-31 16:45pkg: use 0.0 as version instead of 0Kyle Milz2+4-3
2016-07-31 16:31src: throw an exception when read == 0 tooKyle Milz1+3-2
2016-07-31 16:30lib: send a protocol major and minor versionKyle Milz5+17-12
2016-07-31 06:28src: teach af_unix about CITRUN_SOCKETKyle Milz3+25-16
2016-07-31 06:11src: hard check on protocol versionKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-07-31 05:23t: check versionKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-07-31 05:11man: document citrun-term controlsKyle Milz1+21-2
2016-07-31 04:51www: use 1.5 em fontKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-31 04:49src: add CitrunInst classKyle Milz1+163-141
2016-07-31 03:06src: don't use named initializers in structsKyle Milz2+18-33
2016-07-31 02:56src: add m_ prefixes to member variables in inst actionKyle Milz2+10-10
2016-07-31 02:43src: remove copyright from header fileKyle Milz1+0-15
2016-07-31 02:43src: use better c++ style in ast visitorKyle Milz2+18-31
2016-07-31 02:20src: fix a bug in frame delta initKyle Milz1+4-4
2016-07-31 01:49src: let af_unix throw exceptions on errorsKyle Milz2+19-7
2016-07-31 00:11src: don't re-roll reading codeKyle Milz2+14-31
2016-07-30 16:53src/term: use better c++ styleKyle Milz3+194-130
2016-07-30 05:16t: check more runtime variablesKyle Milz2+8-6
2016-07-30 05:05lib: add more heap buffer to get send_dynamic cheaperKyle Milz1+33-14
2016-07-30 04:45lib: add new struct citrun_node membersKyle Milz3+6-2
2016-07-30 04:20Test: collapse some linesKyle Milz1+3-6
2016-07-30 04:18Test: combine some readsKyle Milz1+4-10
2016-07-30 03:42src: add new has_execs struct fieldKyle Milz3+12-8
2016-07-30 03:06src: rename runtime.h to runtime.hhKyle Milz4+9-10
2016-07-30 02:36src: update after api breakKyle Milz1+9-9
2016-07-30 02:33src: use better c++ styleKyle Milz3+40-40
2016-07-30 02:21src: remove unused member varKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-07-30 02:16src: rename runtime_connKyle Milz6+95-95
2016-07-30 02:10src: update protocolKyle Milz2+25-6
2016-07-30 01:43lib: add flag indicating no executions took placeKyle Milz2+28-3
2016-07-30 01:02lib: put protocol on a dietKyle Milz2+38-28
2016-07-29 23:45src: add tu selection keysKyle Milz1+13-7
2016-07-29 03:54src: try and use 5 colorsKyle Milz1+7-7
2016-07-29 03:40lib: reconnect when current connection failsKyle Milz1+18-11
2016-07-29 03:40lib: fix bad typoKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-29 02:38t: hang onto tool locations harderKyle Milz1+6-8
2016-07-29 02:35t: hang onto the binary paths before unsetting PATHKyle Milz1+4-3
2016-07-29 02:18src/glyphy: add <cmath> include for clangKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-07-29 01:28src/term: break into 2 functionsKyle Milz1+33-26
2016-07-29 01:24src/term: add lower bounds check to scrollingKyle Milz1+8-7
2016-07-29 01:08src/term: shuffle accounting bits aroundKyle Milz1+4-6
2016-07-29 00:33src: better colors and scrolling for termKyle Milz1+30-7
2016-07-28 02:43src: move c++ library spec to os specific sectionKyle Milz2+3-1
2016-07-28 02:38src: remove LLVM_VERKyle Milz5+1-23
2016-07-28 02:33compile all c++ with -std=c++11Kyle Milz6+8-9
2016-07-28 02:11src: push clang include paths into source fileKyle Milz3+9-8
2016-07-27 23:21t: add test for -E flagKyle Milz1+17-0
2016-07-27 23:12lib: compile with -ansi instead of -std=c89Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-27 22:29src: check instrumentation failure against native compilationKyle Milz2+45-31
2016-07-27 06:43src: hard fail on instrumentation fail and add testKyle Milz2+24-3
2016-07-27 06:07t: add test for CITRUN_PATH in PATHKyle Milz1+12-0
2016-07-27 06:04t: add test for no PATH setKyle Milz1+19-0
2016-07-27 05:52pkg/openbsd: let it packageKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-27 04:53src: get floating average stuff workingKyle Milz1+44-16
2016-07-27 03:33src: remove duplicate code in termKyle Milz1+11-9
2016-07-27 03:28src: term snapshotKyle Milz1+74-18
2016-07-27 03:18man: syncKyle Milz2+47-12
2016-07-27 03:13src: light up function declarationsKyle Milz9+27-19
2016-07-27 00:01www: citrun-term screenshotKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-07-27 00:01www: reworkKyle Milz2+18-20
2016-07-26 23:27lib: citrun-gl.socket -> citrun.socketKyle Milz2+3-3
2016-07-26 22:54src: term needs c++11Kyle Milz1+1-0
2016-07-23 01:44man: change argument and list layoutsKyle Milz1+24-20
2016-07-23 01:39src: don't print stderr when accepting connectionsKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-07-23 01:38man: delete citrun-inst.1Kyle Milz2+1-54
2016-07-23 01:36src: start seeing it runKyle Milz1+31-7
2016-07-21 03:27lib: send lines count differences as 32bitKyle Milz4+17-10
2016-07-21 03:18src: get citrun-gl compiling againKyle Milz2+64-8
2016-07-21 03:17src: make num_tus a member variableKyle Milz2+4-5
2016-07-21 00:17don't set C++FLAGS globallyKyle Milz2+3-2
2016-07-21 00:13src: add citrun-termKyle Milz4+113-111
2016-07-20 06:03lib: explicitly compile with c89Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-20 05:08src: start generating runtime_h automaticallyKyle Milz3+11-22
2016-07-20 05:02lib: nuke license on .h fileKyle Milz1+0-15
2016-07-20 04:57src: rename gl_runtime_conn to runtime_connKyle Milz2+0-0
2016-07-20 04:29src: massage more functions into af_unixKyle Milz3+50-26
2016-07-20 03:30Jamrules: use readlink and $(TOP) to find source rootKyle Milz1+4-4
2016-07-20 02:15src: move Jam rule definitions into JamrulesKyle Milz2+33-32
2016-07-20 02:03upgrade clangKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-20 02:03deduplicate clang libsKyle Milz2+25-61
2016-07-20 01:51src: update OpenBSD to 6.0 clangKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-07-20 01:44src: use raw glsl filesKyle Milz16+537-510
2016-07-16 17:58lib: use assert instead of conditionalsKyle Milz1+9-15
2016-07-16 16:19lib: send program name and total code linesKyle Milz4+38-7
2016-07-16 15:42lib: keep tu chain sortedKyle Milz1+16-18
2016-07-16 03:40src: show waiting.. text when no connection presentKyle Milz2+23-11
2016-07-16 02:36src: remove print_help()Kyle Milz2+0-7
2016-07-14 05:34src: move citrun-inst defines closer to itKyle Milz2+1-5
2016-07-14 05:18src: reorder includesKyle Milz1+2-4
2016-07-14 05:18src: remove struct pointKyle Milz1+0-9
2016-07-14 05:07src: reorder includes and switch to c++ stdlib includesKyle Milz1+9-12
2016-07-14 04:56lib: reorder includesKyle Milz1+7-7
2016-07-14 04:52src: move tab lookup to inside gl bufferKyle Milz2+46-23
2016-07-14 04:50src: reoder includesKyle Milz1+2-3
2016-07-14 04:48src: change to c++ file handling + reorder includesKyle Milz1+4-11
2016-07-14 04:48src: use c++ C stdlib headers, reorder tooKyle Milz1+15-22
2016-07-14 02:13src: increase font size of program infoKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-07-14 02:12src: disable rotationKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-07-14 02:11src: move font path ifdef's to top of fileKyle Milz1+8-9
2016-07-12 05:16www: remove link barKyle Milz2+2-12
2016-07-12 03:48www: clean up cssKyle Milz1+6-8
2016-07-12 03:46www: add rationaleKyle Milz1+10-2
2016-07-12 02:31Jamrules: throw out some extra infoKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-07-12 02:29t: rename some testsKyle Milz9+0-0
2016-07-12 01:33man: specify the kind of source filesKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-12 01:32pkg: fix up PLIST on openbsdKyle Milz2+1-1
2016-07-12 01:21src: add -std=c++11 on citrun-inst for older clangKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-07-12 01:10src: remove is_citrun hacksKyle Milz1+2-17
2016-07-11 02:39src: go back to using InstallFileKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-11 02:36src: move symlink generation hereKyle Milz7+58-48
2016-07-10 04:40tweak some JamfilesKyle Milz2+4-5
2016-07-10 04:14Jamrules: invert if statementKyle Milz1+6-6
2016-07-10 04:03src: be real careful when CITRUN_PATH isn't in PATHKyle Milz1+8-3
2016-07-10 00:06tt: bump sleep time to 10msKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-10 00:05Test: use cwd instead of getcwdKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-09 23:26pkg: use build target on osxKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-09 23:16tt/mutt: fix upKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-07-09 23:01tt: now that line diffs are sent, check a different wayKyle Milz4+22-41
2016-07-09 21:48lib: add copyrightsKyle Milz2+32-0
2016-07-09 21:41lib: send line count differences instead of absolute numKyle Milz6+26-11
2016-07-09 20:59src: throw some more copyrights onKyle Milz4+60-0
2016-07-09 20:34src: make rule name shorterKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-07-09 20:00src: guard against calling citrun directlyKyle Milz1+33-5
2016-07-09 19:58www: close <a> tagKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-09 19:58tt: put report here and drop e2e_ prefixKyle Milz2+4-4
2016-07-09 19:40tt: change distfiles loc here tooKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-09 19:22pkg: remove the right e2e_report.txtKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-09 19:20Jamrules: add comment about C++FLAGSKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-07-09 19:14README: cut down on wordsKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-07-09 19:13Test: call it an e2e reportKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-07-09 19:12tt: add mutt againKyle Milz1+145-0
2016-07-09 19:03detect when PREFIX is given and adjust paths accordinglyKyle Milz3+14-5
2016-07-09 19:02src: remove CITRUN_LIB env var overrideKyle Milz2+4-11
2016-07-09 18:26lib: use strlcpy again that Linux is not Tier 1Kyle Milz1+2-4
2016-07-09 18:08pkg: move all packaging stuff back hereKyle Milz15+0-0
2016-07-09 18:04Test: put distfiles in tt/Kyle Milz1+4-4
2016-07-09 17:47define CITRUN_PATH when compilingKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-09 05:58pkg: don't run tests on osx eitherKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-09 05:57pkg: don't run the tests on openbsdKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-09 05:57src: PREFIX replacement was bad in citrun-wrapKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-09 05:33man: add JamfileKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-07-09 05:31share: fuck it go back to the way it was beforeKyle Milz3+6-2
2016-07-09 05:22add READMEKyle Milz1+18-0
2016-07-09 05:15blow away CITRUN_PATH env varKyle Milz4+6-17
2016-07-09 05:14src: add stuff to make citrun-wrapKyle Milz1+16-1
2016-07-09 05:12bin is no more and man needs installingKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-09 05:12share: clean up Jamfile a bit, remove cc and gccKyle Milz3+11-7
2016-07-09 05:10www: remove all the auto update stuffKyle Milz3+15-52
2016-07-09 02:51man: polishKyle Milz3+93-43
2016-07-07 01:24shuffle some files aroundKyle Milz5+0-18
2016-07-04 05:08pkg: copy packages into rootKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-07-04 04:52pkg: add Linux stuffKyle Milz1+12-1
2016-07-04 04:15pkg: move everything into a single scriptKyle Milz3+45-50
2016-07-04 04:01www: make html updating simplerKyle Milz2+14-4
2016-07-03 21:11debian: add packaging stuffKyle Milz42+26-1146
2016-07-03 21:07pkg: move everything up one dir to accomodate debianKyle Milz10+0-0
2016-07-03 20:28lib: use proper printf designatorKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-07-03 20:06fix up Jamrules for debianKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-07-03 20:05lib: compile with -fPICKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-03 20:03Test/Package: add support for debianKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-07-03 18:14let modules using strlcpy compile on linuxKyle Milz3+9-4
2016-07-03 01:57www/bin: just call it a reportKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-03 01:56www: right justify stale statusKyle Milz2+11-7
2016-07-03 01:44www: comment out ccitrunrun stuffKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-07-03 00:31tt: fix typoKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-03 00:13Test: tweak report formatKyle Milz4+4-10
2016-07-02 23:53www: change text to "e2e report"Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-02 23:50Test: print report header if no file existsKyle Milz3+47-10
2016-07-02 23:24bin: use a hardcoded value for versionKyle Milz3+3-2
2016-07-02 23:16bin: let citrun-wrap take -vKyle Milz2+6-1
2016-07-02 21:34src: sync runtime headerKyle Milz3+2-4
2016-07-02 21:22lib: fixup commentKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-07-01 21:26www: add a script to update index.htmlKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-07-01 21:07tt: remove mutt once againKyle Milz1+0-145
2016-07-01 20:44bin: mention that absolute compiler names won't workKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-07-01 20:43www: add stale markers after pkg namesKyle Milz2+8-1
2016-07-01 20:28pkg: remove e2e_report when packaging successfulKyle Milz2+3-0
2016-07-01 20:07Test/Package: set CITRUN_SOCKET higherKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-07-01 19:49tt: factor out report generation into Test::ReportKyle Milz5+113-122
2016-07-01 18:01tt: add line fetching to mutt alsoKyle Milz1+7-3
2016-07-01 18:00bin: add more detail to exampleKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-01 18:00src: don't calc line number unless it's neededKyle Milz1+4-3
2016-07-01 06:19www: point out which manual to start withKyle Milz1+7-1
2016-07-01 06:17bin: manual fiddlingKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-07-01 06:04lib: move send_static() comments to top of fileKyle Milz1+8-12
2016-07-01 05:14lib: don't complain when connect() failsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-01 04:43www: harden wordingKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-07-01 04:28bin: simplify EXAMPLES now that we fork a viewerKyle Milz1+12-18
2016-07-01 04:05lib: fork a viewer if CITRUN_SOCKET not set and default path doesn't existKyle Milz1+21-2
2016-07-01 03:02src: keep wordage consistent in citrun-inst.1Kyle Milz1+2-5
2016-07-01 02:36bin: remove executable bit on citrun-wrap.inKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-07-01 02:28src: clean up JamfileKyle Milz1+10-13
2016-07-01 00:11tt: add commentKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-07-01 00:10tt: try adding mutt againKyle Milz2+171-1
2016-06-29 06:36src: osx doesn't need -pthread addedKyle Milz1+3-1
2016-06-29 06:31osx: remove -c arg to ranlibKyle Milz1+0-3
2016-06-29 02:50Test: hack ignore if_xcmd whateverKyle Milz2+4-2
2016-06-29 02:43tt: fix up libressl total test countKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-29 02:41tt: mutt isn't ready yetKyle Milz1+0-169
2016-06-29 02:32tt: on second thought these need removal tooKyle Milz1+0-7
2016-06-29 02:27tt: make libressl os dependentKyle Milz1+38-6
2016-06-29 01:57tt: crank libressl compile jobs to 8Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-29 01:48tt: tweak vimKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-06-29 01:33tt: get mutt in better shape on osxKyle Milz1+21-6
2016-06-29 01:13Test: increase instrumented size fuzz to +/- 100Kyle Milz1+3-3
2016-06-29 01:11tt/vim: tweak instrumented sites for osxKyle Milz1+26-10
2016-06-29 01:03tt/libressl: track .a instead of .soKyle Milz1+10-4
2016-06-29 00:01tt: check we're making forward progress in vimKyle Milz2+39-16
2016-06-28 04:36Test: fuzz instrumented sites +/- 25Kyle Milz1+2-2
2016-06-28 00:21tt: don't enable the gui on vimKyle Milz1+53-60
2016-06-27 06:42tt/mutt: no need to close viewerKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-06-27 06:33tt: let it passKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-27 06:10lib: fixup var indentKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-27 06:19tt: patch vim on osxKyle Milz3+22-0
2016-06-27 06:08tt: disable some stuff on muttKyle Milz1+5-31
2016-06-27 05:16tt/vim: kill some commentsKyle Milz1+1-5
2016-06-27 05:28lib: fix some iffy code, pointed out by clangKyle Milz1+4-4
2016-06-27 05:14tt: add muttKyle Milz1+181-0
2016-06-27 04:51tt: update libressl wrt other recent changesKyle Milz1+47-38
2016-06-27 04:51Test: die if file does not exist in PackageKyle Milz1+3-1
2016-06-27 04:25Test: add 2 more interfaces to PackageKyle Milz2+17-5
2016-06-27 04:07tt: tweak some thingsKyle Milz2+11-14
2016-06-27 04:03Test: make Package smarterKyle Milz1+41-4
2016-06-27 03:26tt: crank compile jobs to 8Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-27 03:26tt: update vim for recent Viewer changesKyle Milz1+85-65
2016-06-27 03:14Test/Viewer: rework to be more saneKyle Milz5+91-109
2016-06-26 15:36src: put getenv() inside the ifKyle Milz1+7-7
2016-06-26 15:08lib: tweak struct citrun_nodeKyle Milz1+5-5
2016-06-26 15:06lib: tweak identifiers and add commentsKyle Milz1+27-21
2016-06-26 06:15lib: count number of tus definitively onceKyle Milz1+56-48
2016-06-25 01:36tt: modify tu verification slightlyKyle Milz1+8-6
2016-06-25 00:10pkg/openbsd: update ccitrunrunKyle Milz1+4-6
2016-06-25 00:07tt: make libressl tu count a rangeKyle Milz1+9-7
2016-06-24 23:43bin: rename citrun-wrap.{sh,in}Kyle Milz2+1-1
2016-06-24 23:38tt: indent more in libresslKyle Milz1+38-38
2016-06-24 03:43src: remove unused prototype commentKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-24 02:11www: tweak indexKyle Milz1+8-10
2016-06-24 01:36t: fix testKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-06-24 01:33lib: add citrun_start() prototype to runtime.hKyle Milz4+5-3
2016-06-24 01:25src: call start function after main to start control threadKyle Milz9+43-44
2016-06-24 00:45tt: let libressl build with 8 jobsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-24 00:41src/inst: exit the same as the native compilerKyle Milz1+4-0
2016-06-23 04:54t: allow instrumented sites allowancesKyle Milz1+7-3
2016-06-23 04:47Test: also keep a hash of tus for fast lookupsKyle Milz5+56-51
2016-06-23 04:45lib: warn about how many nodes we settled on tooKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-23 04:10pkg/openbsd: be a bit more cruel when packagingKyle Milz1+3-1
2016-06-23 04:04src: remove reference to INSTRUMENTED in man pageKyle Milz1+0-5
2016-06-23 02:26tt: remove sleep from libressl tooKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-06-23 02:25lib: only call settle() onceKyle Milz1+3-2
2016-06-23 02:25tt: try removing sleep that let constructors runKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-06-23 02:15lib: wait for total tu count to be consistent before proceedingKyle Milz1+28-1
2016-06-23 01:26tt: update libressl, there's way more tu's here nowKyle Milz1+578-4
2016-06-23 00:48tt: update vim for new methodsKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-06-23 00:46src: don;t need to unlink citrun_patch.c anymoreKyle Milz1+0-4
2016-06-23 00:25change the way linking works, againKyle Milz16+74-125
2016-06-22 04:36tt: show column names with a better commentKyle Milz2+3-7
2016-06-22 04:35www: simplify indexKyle Milz1+19-24
2016-06-22 04:34pkg/openbsd: switch homepageKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-22 01:25lib: shuffle functions and remove prototypesKyle Milz1+40-43
2016-06-22 01:19lib: move xread/xwrite to top of fileKyle Milz1+43-45
2016-06-22 01:18www: update link_check test to use cit.runKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-06-19 19:28src: remove unused #include'sKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-06-19 19:19www: shorten css comments and tweak wording.Kyle Milz2+13-26
2016-06-19 19:16lib: reorder #includes and fix commentKyle Milz1+6-5
2016-06-17 05:45www: resize os thumbnailsKyle Milz5+3-3
2016-06-17 04:46pkg/openbsd: tighten MakefileKyle Milz1+6-4
2016-06-17 04:34Test: let Package be instantiated w/o argumentsKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-06-17 04:11Test: cache distfiles used in packagesKyle Milz1+9-3
2016-06-17 04:01pkg/openbsd: tweak wordingKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-17 03:55Test: just parse the output of some os specific commandsKyle Milz1+7-18
2016-06-17 03:54pkg/openbsd: sync DESCR with osxKyle Milz1+4-2
2016-06-17 03:51pkg/darwin: spec out the runtime dependencies betterKyle Milz1+4-4
2016-06-17 03:48pkg/darwin: simplify PortfileKyle Milz1+4-7
2016-06-17 03:41Jamrules: add test targetKyle Milz1+7-0
2016-06-17 03:21bin: use InstallShell instead of InstallBinKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-16 06:38Test: start dependency management on osxKyle Milz1+13-1
2016-06-17 02:06Test: pkg_info -q is betterKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-17 02:05Test: don't show the package manager when deps aren't foundKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-06-17 01:48Jamrules: set OPTIM to CFLAGS, seems to work better on C sourceKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-06-17 01:35src: leave CITRUN_LIB env var for test suite during packagingKyle Milz2+8-1
2016-06-17 01:22src: don't use CITRUN_LIB env var anymoreKyle Milz4+6-16
2016-06-17 01:20simplify Jamrules, add -DCITRUN_LIBKyle Milz1+10-15
2016-06-16 06:34bin: chmod 755 citrun-wrapKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-16 06:24lib: trigger a buildKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-06-16 06:22use some obscure symbol visibility switch for ranlib on osxKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-06-16 06:18Test: use .a on osx tooKyle Milz2+1-11
2016-06-16 05:14tt: switch libressl over to Test::PackageKyle Milz1+10-14
2016-06-16 05:05src: replace dashes with underscores of filenameKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-06-16 04:34src: leave behind linker patch file when CITRUN_TESTINGKyle Milz2+5-4
2016-06-16 04:16lib: put comment on single lineKyle Milz1+1-3
2016-06-16 04:15src: add const and simplify variablesKyle Milz1+5-5
2016-06-16 04:14bin: use the .a version of libcitrunKyle Milz2+2-2
2016-06-16 04:08tt: factor out some common code from vim.tKyle Milz2+80-19
2016-06-16 03:53pkg/openbsd: update for recent packaging changesKyle Milz2+1-3
2016-06-16 03:02lib: actually install libcitrun.aKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-16 02:57Test: fix up test library falloutKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-06-16 02:54src: add a const_castKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-16 02:54src: don't use getcwd for INSTRUMENTED file.Kyle Milz1+2-10
2016-06-16 02:52lib: make runtime functions staticKyle Milz1+10-9
2016-06-16 02:48src: make instrumented application depend on runtime libKyle Milz13+28-14
2016-06-15 04:31pkg: add quotes to error outputKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-15 04:26src: add some const'sKyle Milz2+2-2
2016-06-15 03:36rename e2e to ttKyle Milz2+0-0
2016-06-15 03:35e2e/vim: update comments and package fetchingKyle Milz1+11-12
2016-06-15 03:21e2e: rename SCV to TestKyle Milz2+6-4
2016-06-15 03:20Test: fix package namesKyle Milz2+2-2
2016-06-15 03:18rename SCV to TestKyle Milz15+70-49
2016-06-15 03:07e2e: change socket to citrun-test.socketKyle Milz2+2-2
2016-06-15 03:02SCV: change socket path to citrun-test.socketKyle Milz2+5-3
2016-06-15 02:53SCV/Project: always kill running processes on project destroyKyle Milz1+6-0
2016-06-14 05:32lib: sort local variablesKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-06-14 05:31src: use strlcpy instead of strncpyKyle Milz2+2-2
2016-06-13 00:53src: unlink citrun_patch.c after linksKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-06-13 00:44lib: let it build on osxKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-06-12 18:35e2e: fix up some test namesKyle Milz2+18-18
2016-06-13 00:40lib: try to let it compile on osxKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-06-13 00:33src: modify linking yet againKyle Milz16+127-175
2016-06-12 19:32pkg/openbsd: add test dependenciesKyle Milz1+4-0
2016-06-12 17:14src: add comment that's been in my tree for a whileKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-06-12 17:06pkg/darwin: make Portfile betterKyle Milz1+16-10
2016-06-12 05:31e2e: use 8 jobs for compiling libresslKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-12 05:07pkg/darwin: add testing to pkg creationKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-06-12 04:35bin: there's some strange pkg'ing issue on osxKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-06-12 04:27pkg/darwin: fetch over git to avoid checksum hellKyle Milz1+4-6
2016-06-12 04:15pkg/darwin: add some Portfile loveKyle Milz1+13-4
2016-06-12 03:53www: update osx pkg linkKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-06-12 02:41pkg/darwin: simplify portfile and use standard idiomsKyle Milz2+9-15
2016-06-12 00:52e2e: add warningsKyle Milz2+2-0
2016-06-12 00:40pkg: initial macports packageKyle Milz2+50-0
2016-06-11 23:25tests: use the right operating system library nameKyle Milz1+5-1
2016-06-11 23:20bin: generate citrun-wrap from templateKyle Milz4+21-8
2016-06-11 22:48src: struct stat is different on __APPLE__Kyle Milz1+5-0
2016-06-11 22:40bin: tweak citrun-wrap.1 slightlyKyle Milz1+2-5
2016-06-11 21:52e2e: fix test planKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-11 21:40e2e: forgot to add library update alsoKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-06-11 21:30e2e: add xxd checking to vimKyle Milz1+33-0
2016-06-11 21:03turn on -O2 and see if it makes a differenceKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-11 20:45www: add some colonsKyle Milz1+5-5
2016-06-11 20:44e2e: add libresslKyle Milz1+120-0
2016-06-11 19:35www: fix typoKyle Milz1+3-2
2016-06-11 19:34www: tarball -> archive, put link to ccitrunrun srcKyle Milz1+4-3
2016-06-11 19:29pkg/openbsd: let ccitrunrun packageKyle Milz2+17-3
2016-06-11 19:10www: be more explicit about dependenciesKyle Milz1+2-3
2016-06-11 19:05src: split up long line in JamfileKyle Milz1+3-1
2016-06-10 07:50src: close file before changing access/modification timesKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-06-10 07:45src: restore file access and modification timesKyle Milz1+12-1
2016-06-10 06:33src: update citrun-inst.1Kyle Milz1+14-18
2016-06-10 06:14src: add periods before file namesKyle Milz1+4-4
2016-06-10 06:12www: add slashes between version and archKyle Milz1+5-5
2016-06-10 05:01pkg/openbsd: add ccitrunrun packageKyle Milz2+43-0
2016-06-10 04:41www: fix headingKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-10 04:36www: tighten websiteKyle Milz1+19-18
2016-06-10 02:23pkg: now requires an argumentKyle Milz2+7-2
2016-06-10 01:56src: restore original source if instrumentation failedKyle Milz1+15-7
2016-06-09 05:29e2e: tweak instrumentation sites againKyle Milz1+9-9
2016-06-09 02:02e2e: fixup instrumentation sites countsKyle Milz1+56-56
2016-06-09 01:51src: use {i,o}fstream filename constructorsKyle Milz1+2-4
2016-06-09 01:45e2e: fix commentsKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-06-09 01:39bin: simplify citrun-wrap.1Kyle Milz1+18-30
2016-06-09 01:11jam: remove LIBCITRUN_PATHKyle Milz1+2-4
2016-06-09 01:00src: specify libcitrun via CITRUN_LIB env varKyle Milz3+7-1
2016-06-09 00:26lib: shorten commentKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-09 00:25src: clarify commentKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-06-08 05:08src: don't call .open() when the constructor can do itKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-06-08 05:05www: sort dependenciesKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-06-08 05:03www: remove dead linkKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-06-08 05:02www: order and update operating systemsKyle Milz1+7-7
2016-06-08 04:57src: rename source files instrument_* to inst_*Kyle Milz10+527-527
2016-06-08 01:55e2e: update for recent changesKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-06-08 01:54rename citrun_gl to citrun-glKyle Milz10+46-46
2016-06-08 01:43rename citrun_instrument to citrun-instKyle Milz11+81-81
2016-06-08 01:31rename citrun_wrap to citrun-wrapKyle Milz4+68-66
2016-06-08 01:18pkg/openbsd: shuffle script aroundKyle Milz1+11-7
2016-06-06 03:53instrument: do compilation of instrumented source in placeKyle Milz2+52-4
2016-06-05 18:53instrument: comment cleanupKyle Milz1+7-4
2016-06-05 18:23instrument: modify source code in placeKyle Milz3+10-55
2016-06-05 16:43e2e: add parallelism to makeKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-06-05 16:26instrument: try to more atomically get/set LAST_NODEKyle Milz1+13-27
2016-06-04 20:38pkg/openbsd: add testing to package creationKyle Milz2+5-1
2016-06-04 20:35pkg: error out if os dir doesn't existKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-05-06 05:35e2e: increment instrumented sites a bitkyle1+1-1
2016-04-21 04:22www: simplify languageKyle Milz1+4-5
2016-04-20 05:49pkg: delete old osx Info.plistKyle Milz1+0-9
2016-04-17 00:01pkg: add generic scriptKyle Milz2+7-46
2016-04-16 23:55e2e: range still not big enoughKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-16 23:50e2e: make instrumented sites check a rangeKyle Milz1+5-2
2016-04-16 23:29e2e: fix up vim so that it passesKyle Milz1+11-10
2016-04-16 20:33e2e: add more tests to vimKyle Milz1+98-16
2016-04-15 05:41bin: sort compilers in manpageKyle Milz1+5-3
2016-04-15 05:21src: turns out apple pulls in GLES stuffKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-14 04:27e2e: use absolute viewer pathKyle Milz1+3-2
2016-04-14 01:56e2e: update vimKyle Milz1+21-19
2016-04-14 03:31pkg: don't error when pkg_delete failsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-14 02:19pkg: file doesn't have to be thereKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-14 00:25pkg: simplify openbsd packagingKyle Milz2+9-10
2016-04-14 00:05www: fix linkKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-13 06:03www: sort link barKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-13 06:02www: tweak self instrumented package sectionKyle Milz1+7-4
2016-04-12 04:24t: don't export linker environment variablesKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-04-12 02:08pkg: package regular citrun for nowkyle1+1-1
2016-04-12 02:07src: we use E... so include errno.hkyle1+1-0
2016-04-12 01:52we're not ready for 3.7.1 headers on OpenBSDkyle1+1-1
2016-04-12 01:29pkg: rework openbsd packagingKyle Milz5+20-29
2016-04-11 03:26www: small tweakKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-10 20:47man: expand some info in instrumentKyle Milz1+14-5
2016-04-10 19:56www: make manual list a listKyle Milz1+6-5
2016-04-10 19:53man: make instrument more clearKyle Milz1+11-9
2016-04-10 19:07man: tighten wrap exampleKyle Milz1+8-6
2016-04-10 17:28man: add some examples to SYNOPSISKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-10 17:20www: don't set bg color on <pre>Kyle Milz1+0-4
2016-04-10 17:18man: more wrap page tweaksKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-10 17:15man: man wrap page clearerKyle Milz1+20-18
2016-04-10 07:21www: tighten text, add section on self instrumentingKyle Milz1+9-2
2016-04-10 07:00www: put man pages in subdirKyle Milz1+4-3
2016-04-10 06:55www: shorten sentenceKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-10 06:42man: make wording strongerKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-10 06:40man: remove SYNOPSIS from citrun_instrumentKyle Milz1+3-5
2016-04-10 06:35www: add links to manualsKyle Milz1+5-2
2016-04-10 06:27man: add missing .ElKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-04-10 06:26www: apply main style to body so man pages pick it up tooKyle Milz2+1-3
2016-04-10 06:26man: add content to wrap man pageKyle Milz1+45-8
2016-04-10 04:33man: add more content to gl pageKyle Milz1+14-5
2016-04-10 04:26man: add FILES and ENVIRONMENT sections to citrun_instrumentKyle Milz1+27-5
2016-04-10 03:06pkg: move openbsd citrun folder one deeperKyle Milz3+0-0
2016-04-10 02:51www: remove useless sentenceKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-09 21:32split double -l in JamrulesKyle Milz1+6-3
2016-04-09 21:07src: extend --defsym hack to osxKyle Milz1+6-0
2016-04-09 21:03pass LIBCITRUN instead of PREFIX, it contains the library path directlyKyle Milz2+13-3
2016-04-09 20:04src: add clang includesKyle Milz2+9-3
2016-04-09 19:57share: don't use mkdir -p as openbsd packager complainsKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-04-09 19:55lib: fix up symbol name on osxKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-09 19:49if not already set, let PREFIX equal the current directoryKyle Milz3+5-3
2016-04-09 16:46t: add runtime reconnect testKyle Milz1+39-0
2016-04-09 16:23lib: add initial reconnect supportKyle Milz1+14-10
2016-04-09 16:06src: dont warn twice on instrumentation failureKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-04-09 16:01src: change '-' to '_' for symbol namesKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-04-09 15:51bin: don't set LDADD or LDFLAGSKyle Milz1+0-3
2016-04-09 15:50src: use PREFIX during compilation so we knoe where lib/ isKyle Milz2+2-3
2016-04-08 04:54src: fundamentally rework how instrumentation worksKyle Milz16+126-108
2016-04-08 01:14src: start refactoring how translation units are connectedKyle Milz2+52-25
2016-04-07 02:55src: wrap instrumentation preamble in extern "C"Kyle Milz3+19-2
2016-04-07 02:06src: remove <algorithm>Kyle Milz1+0-1
2016-04-07 01:56pkg: update openbsd PLIST and DESCRKyle Milz2+6-0
2016-04-07 01:52share: install more compiler aliasesKyle Milz1+6-2
2016-04-06 01:47pkg: don't manually create symlinksKyle Milz1+1-6
2016-04-06 01:43share: add symlink generation on installKyle Milz9+18-9
2016-04-06 00:14pkg: add initial debian packaging filesKyle Milz39+1148-0
2016-04-05 23:17remove .gitignoreKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-04-05 22:57www: max-width 80chKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-05 04:32www: update linksKyle Milz1+5-5
2016-04-05 03:31e2e: these tests are end to endKyle Milz2+55-54
2016-04-05 03:23bin: groom citrun_wrap when installedKyle Milz1+3-11
2016-04-05 02:40pkg: whoops forgot plist tooKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-04-05 02:37pkg: add some symlink magicKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-04-05 02:16src: SCV_ROOT -> CITRUN_ROOTKyle Milz2+6-6
2016-04-05 01:59www: add empty robots fileKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-04-05 01:56www: add new link testKyle Milz1+11-0
2016-04-05 01:55lib: SCV_VIEWER_SOCKET -> CITRUN_SOCKETKyle Milz3+3-3
2016-04-05 01:41www: add link checker using wgetKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-05 00:51www: try againKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-05 00:48www: try once more for charsetKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-05 00:46www: dont use http-equivKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-04-05 00:44www: set charsetKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-04-05 00:34t: move www tests into www/Kyle Milz1+0-0
2016-04-05 00:32www: use html5Kyle Milz1+1-2
2016-04-05 00:16www: use html4 instead of xhtmlKyle Milz1+7-9
2016-04-04 05:27www: use uname for all platformsKyle Milz2+2-1
2016-04-04 05:25t: add new test for offline html validationKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-04-04 05:11SCV: don't use citrun_wrap anymoreKyle Milz1+9-5
2016-04-04 05:08change default viewer listening socketKyle Milz2+3-3
2016-04-04 05:02gl: use a template member function for flexible readsKyle Milz3+29-30
2016-04-04 04:20pkg: unmount proper volume on osxKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-04 00:08www: add a newlineKyle Milz1+4-2
2016-04-04 00:07pkg: use a better root dmg name on osxKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-04 00:02www: add architecture to OSXKyle Milz1+3-3
2016-04-03 23:55www: remove redundancyKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-03 23:13www: add alt tags and fix validationKyle Milz1+5-5
2016-04-03 23:00www: add link for osx packagesKyle Milz1+10-4
2016-04-03 22:52pkg: first pass at dmg creationKyle Milz2+43-1
2016-04-03 21:54pkg: delete osx fileKyle Milz1+0-4
2016-04-03 16:54www: add some logosKyle Milz5+14-4
2016-04-03 16:25www: fix linksKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-03 16:18www: add a spaceKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-04-03 16:13www: add description meta tagKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-04-03 15:47bin: tweak manKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-03 15:24www: more <li> closingKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-03 15:23www: i guess <li> needs to be closedKyle Milz1+9-9
2016-04-03 15:19www: don't nest <pre> inside <p> eitherKyle Milz1+4-4
2016-04-03 15:16www: don't use <ul> inside <p>Kyle Milz1+3-2
2016-04-03 15:13www: more w3c validator fixesKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-03 15:09www: close some tagsKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-03 15:07www: try to please w3c validatorKyle Milz1+3-1
2016-04-03 15:01www: update pkg linksKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-03 14:51www: add small menu at top rightKyle Milz2+30-11
2016-04-03 07:41www: don't use currentlyKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-04-03 07:38www: tightenKyle Milz1+14-13
2016-04-03 07:16www: add building sectionKyle Milz2+23-3
2016-04-03 06:42www: tweakKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-03 06:40www: tweakKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-03 06:24www: add doc sectionKyle Milz2+21-2
2016-04-03 06:07www: use monospace fontKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-03 06:02www: add some contentKyle Milz2+34-7
2016-04-03 05:38www: try againKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-04-03 05:21instrument: set correct prognameKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-03 04:12src: collapse some Jamfile linesKyle Milz1+2-4
2016-04-02 22:58bin: update man pageKyle Milz1+14-3
2016-04-02 22:46isntrument: update man pageKyle Milz1+8-8
2016-04-02 22:39gl: update man pageKyle Milz1+11-4
2016-04-02 22:32gl: rename view to gl_viewKyle Milz5+533-533
2016-04-02 22:28gl: rename demo-buffer to gl_bufferKyle Milz8+182-182
2016-04-02 22:22gl: indent demo-buffer fileKyle Milz1+97-97
2016-04-02 22:08pkg: update openbsd packagekyle2+8-8
2016-04-02 22:01pkg: only move distfile oncekyle1+4-4
2016-04-02 21:54pkg: use PORTSDIRkyle1+4-2
2016-04-02 21:50lib: rename libscv to libcitrunkyle3+5-5
2016-04-02 21:43pkg: always check out our own ports treekyle4+23-15
2016-04-02 20:57gl: prefix some fileskyle6+309-309
2016-04-02 20:46pkg: try tweaking umaskkyle1+3-0
2016-04-02 20:37gl: pick a good font for Debiankyle1+3-2
2016-04-02 20:33move wrap to binkyle6+6-6
2016-04-02 20:23src/compilers: updatekyle4+8-8
2016-04-02 20:23wrap: let the testsuite passkyle1+2-2
2016-04-02 20:23finish renaming scv_viewer to citrun_glkyle4+32-16
2016-04-02 20:18move viewer into src/kyle29+24-37
2016-04-02 16:20move glyphy into src/glyphykyle17+12-12
2016-04-02 16:17move instrument/ into src/kyle22+161-162
2016-04-02 15:49instrument: add .cc as a recognized source fileKyle Milz1+7-6
2016-04-02 15:31clean up gitignoreKyle Milz1+0-5
2016-04-02 15:29Jamrules: use .dylib for osx shared libraryKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-02 05:41pkg: always tar up the current directoryKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-04-02 05:37pkg: remove openbsd dep fileKyle Milz1+0-5
2016-04-02 05:17www: add cssKyle Milz1+12-0
2016-04-02 05:09www: naoteKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-04-02 05:06www: anotherKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-04-02 04:42www: try againKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-04-02 04:36www: add someKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-04-02 04:28html: h1Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-02 04:26www: tagsKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-04-02 04:25www: start it upKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-04-01 23:33pkg: add +x to package.shKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-04-01 07:35viewer: whitespaceKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-01 07:31instrument: bsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-01 07:26lib: add commentsKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-04-01 07:20viewer: whitespaceKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-01 06:05viewer: important changeKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-01 06:02viewer: make font path getting nicerKyle Milz1+4-3
2016-04-01 05:58pkg: move scriptKyle Milz2+28-28
2016-04-01 05:43pkg: anotherKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-04-01 05:42pkg: uncommit openbsd patchKyle Milz1+0-20
2016-04-01 05:05pkg: fail early when buildingKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-01 04:47pkg: add commentsKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-04-01 04:47pkg: reset openbsd revisionKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-04-01 04:41pkg: don't track tarball checksumsKyle Milz2+3-2
2016-04-01 04:35pkg: get a script going to package thingsKyle Milz1+21-0
2016-04-01 04:22pkg: add openbsd package buildingKyle Milz5+66-0
2016-04-01 02:32Revert "try something"Kyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-01 02:32try somethingKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-04-01 02:20viewer: delete default textKyle Milz2+0-79
2016-04-01 02:18it's __OpenBSD__ not __OPENBSD__Kyle Milz2+4-4
2016-04-01 02:05lib: add function commentKyle Milz1+4-0
2016-04-01 01:55viewer: don't carry around a fontKyle Milz1+0-0
2016-04-01 01:53viewer: use system fonts on osx tooKyle Milz1+3-1
2016-04-01 01:29viewer: just use the system dejavu sans monoKyle Milz1+4-0
2016-03-31 03:40instrument: add more manKyle Milz1+11-1
2016-03-31 02:14add install targets for most thingsKyle Milz4+10-4
2016-03-31 01:33viewer: tidy up osx nonblock codeKyle Milz1+2-3
2016-03-31 01:20viewer: toggle animation on startKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-03-31 00:57viewer: forgot this 2 commits agoKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-03-31 00:54viewer: simplify non-blocking setKyle Milz1+4-4
2016-03-31 00:05viewer: remove unused functionKyle Milz1+0-12
2016-03-30 23:48SCV: shuffle env varsKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-30 05:15patches: removeKyle Milz1+0-54
2016-03-30 04:58support linuxKyle Milz2+30-1
2016-03-30 04:43convert preprocessor test to version, not platformKyle Milz4+7-5
2016-03-30 04:35patches: remove osxKyle Milz1+0-118
2016-03-30 04:16t: fix tmp dir on osxKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-03-30 04:09wrap: -rpath doesn't work on osxKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-30 04:08instrument: portability gooKyle Milz3+16-0
2016-03-30 04:00instrument: add osx link flagsKyle Milz1+16-0
2016-03-30 03:58Move link flags into os specific sectionKyle Milz2+17-17
2016-03-30 03:51tests: don't send program output to stderrKyle Milz3+8-8
2016-03-30 03:48SCV: use Jam in test suite instead of makeKyle Milz1+13-11
2016-03-30 03:24SCV: if we're running tests we'll want these setKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-03-30 03:03abstract away using the core osx frameworks for the viewerKyle Milz2+11-8
2016-03-30 02:49Move some os dependent library generation stuff to JamrulesKyle Milz2+8-2
2016-03-30 02:37add osx viewer link flagsKyle Milz1+8-0
2016-03-30 02:34move more openbsd link hacks into JamrulesKyle Milz2+4-4
2016-03-30 01:12viewer: move openbsd hacks to JamrulesKyle Milz2+1-1
2016-03-30 01:07viewer: delete unused header includeKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-03-30 01:05viewer: use regular unordered_mapKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-03-30 00:21instrument: add setprogname compat hackKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-03-30 00:12tt: commit some wipKyle Milz1+15-4
2016-03-29 23:43on OpenBSD always use eg++Kyle Milz1+4-1
2016-03-29 05:37instrument: depend on c++11 directlykyle1+1-1
2016-03-29 05:32wrap: disable jamming here for nowKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-29 05:27replace Make with JamKyle Milz12+84-91
2016-03-27 15:23wrap: use -rpath instead of LD_LIBRARY_PATHKyle Milz2+2-6
2016-03-27 15:20viewer: rename runtime client to processKyle Milz6+142-142
2016-03-27 15:02viewer: make sure fps counter is initializedKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-03-27 15:00viewer: sync with recent runtime changesKyle Milz2+5-2
2016-03-27 14:54viewer: use CPPFLAGS instead of CXXFLAGS MakefileKyle Milz1+2-3
2016-03-27 14:52viewer: replace die() with errx()Kyle Milz6+14-30
2016-03-25 22:35patches: regen osxKyle Milz1+38-28
2016-03-25 22:20tt: commit vim wipKyle Milz3+47-3
2016-03-25 20:59t: stop using ->tmpdir most placesKyle Milz10+12-45
2016-03-25 20:43t: make check more slackKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-25 20:33t: add new test for preamble onlyKyle Milz2+67-0
2016-03-25 20:20t: disable inst count compare, llvm is not stableKyle Milz1+4-4
2016-03-25 20:18t: stop comparing preamble in many testsKyle Milz8+4-134
2016-03-25 20:02t: fix fallout from last commitKyle Milz8+33-14
2016-03-25 19:21instrument: hang onto total number of sites instrumentedKyle Milz8+23-8
2016-03-25 19:18instrument: unbreak on old llvmkyle1+1-1
2016-03-25 18:56instrument: hang onto the ast visitor for use laterKyle Milz2+18-18
2016-03-25 18:20instrument: denamespace mainKyle Milz1+3-6
2016-03-25 18:14instrument: fix up on older llvmkyle2+2-2
2016-03-25 18:09instrument: denamespace instrument actionKyle Milz2+16-19
2016-03-25 17:57instrument: denamespace ast visitorKyle Milz2+32-34
2016-03-25 17:41instrument: go back to llvm 3.5 interfacekyle2+3-3
2016-03-25 17:39instrument: forgot a line in mainKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-25 17:35instrument: shuffle some code aroundKyle Milz8+291-302
2016-03-25 05:37patches: regen debianKyle Milz1+19-10
2016-03-25 05:34instrument: add a const_castKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-25 05:09patches: regen osxKyle Milz1+7-7
2016-03-25 04:11lib: only warn when connecting to server failsKyle Milz1+6-6
2016-03-25 04:08instrument: let it pass a configure runKyle Milz2+107-59
2016-03-24 01:25viewer: change socket locationKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-03-24 00:34lib: some misc cleanupKyle Milz1+14-6
2016-03-24 00:33lib: add env var override to viewer socketKyle Milz3+15-8
2016-03-23 05:02viewer: convert tabs to spaces in displayed sourceKyle Milz1+11-1
2016-03-23 05:00lib: fix up os x linker lineKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-23 04:58wrap: no reason to export -I anymoreKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-03-23 04:57instrument: try to privatize injected identifiersKyle Milz12+166-106
2016-03-22 05:47viewer: sync with recent runtime changesKyle Milz2+50-27
2016-03-22 03:40patches: regen osxKyle Milz1+19-19
2016-03-22 03:39gitignore: add osx dylib stuffKyle Milz1+3-2
2016-03-22 03:38wrap: delete test wrapperKyle Milz3+4-26
2016-03-22 02:54viewer: link against -lmKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-22 02:52viewer: use unordered_map instead of hash_mapKyle Milz1+4-12
2016-03-22 02:42patches: regen debianKyle Milz1+7-7
2016-03-22 02:28viewer: make mkdep workKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-03-22 02:22instrument: don't know how to mkdep here properlyKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-03-22 02:03instrument: rename file extensionsKyle Milz3+1-1
2016-03-22 01:58shuffle dependency directoryKyle Milz3+0-0
2016-03-22 01:55viewer: rename cxx extensions to ccKyle Milz10+9-9
2016-03-22 01:46viewer: stop linking with -lzKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-22 01:44viewer: remove some unneeded stuff from common.hKyle Milz3+10-19
2016-03-22 01:40viewer/glyphy: rename extensions cxx to ccKyle Milz8+7-7
2016-03-21 04:25wrap: add DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH here tooKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-03-21 04:24t: remove unneeded argKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-21 04:24lib: send back pid, ppid, and pgrpKyle Milz5+88-16
2016-03-20 22:40viewer: print out source fileKyle Milz1+5-2
2016-03-20 22:29delete READMEKyle Milz1+0-16
2016-03-20 22:08viewer: uncomment socket listening codeKyle Milz1+15-8
2016-03-20 21:56viewer: denamespace View classKyle Milz3+123-124
2016-03-20 21:36viewer: rename demo-view header fileKyle Milz3+4-3
2016-03-20 21:33viewer: shuffle filesKyle Milz3+2-2
2016-03-20 21:30viewer: remove #if 0 codeKyle Milz1+0-9
2016-03-20 21:28viewer: make struct demo_view_t a classKyle Milz3+362-393
2016-03-20 16:46viewer: rename text to runtime_clientKyle Milz6+107-93
2016-03-20 16:09viewer: add includes for std int sizesKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-03-20 15:58deps: add openbsdKyle Milz1+5-0
2016-03-20 15:51instrument: remove old #ifdef DEBUGKyle Milz1+6-16
2016-03-20 02:42patches: regen osxKyle Milz1+6-6
2016-03-20 02:37viewer/glyphy: don't compile with std=c++11Kyle Milz5+7-7
2016-03-20 02:20viewer: move glyphy into viewerKyle Milz25+1419-1405
2016-03-19 23:55viewer: add back paragraph of textKyle Milz2+73-3
2016-03-19 23:29patches: regen osxKyle Milz1+23-4
2016-03-19 23:23viewer: depend on freetype2 directlyKyle Milz1+2-2
2016-03-19 23:17viewer: indent demo-view.cxxKyle Milz1+409-413
2016-03-19 23:04viewer: link against glyphy and fix compile errorKyle Milz2+2-2
2016-03-19 22:59viewer: port over glyphy demo codeKyle Milz25+3220-56
2016-03-19 22:37glyphy: try CXXFLAGSKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-19 22:31glyphy: initial importKyle Milz17+3357-1
2016-03-19 20:16t: reduce another counter for sparcKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-19 20:10t/runtime: add >= for sparc which is pretty slowKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-19 20:08t/runtime: actually make sure execution counters are increasingKyle Milz1+12-19
2016-03-19 19:44lib: remove bad commentKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-03-19 19:33instrument: commentsKyle Milz1+3-1
2016-03-19 19:31deps: add osxKyle Milz1+4-0
2016-03-19 19:26patches: add debianKyle Milz1+45-0
2016-03-19 19:03deps: add debianKyle Milz1+18-0
2016-03-19 04:43patches: regen osxKyle Milz1+0-12
2016-03-19 04:39viewer: unconditionally link against libstdc++ for nowKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-19 04:33lib: add <limits.h> for everyoneKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-19 04:04lib: add libscv_init() prototype to headerKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-03-19 04:00patches: regen osxKyle Milz1+5-5
2016-03-19 03:50instrument: add runtime function call to instrumentationKyle Milz9+33-32
2016-03-19 01:33instrument: collapse another pkg-config callKyle Milz1+1-2
2016-03-19 01:16patches: regenerate osx diffKyle Milz1+10-10
2016-03-19 01:14instrument: collapse multiple pkg-config callsKyle Milz1+1-4
2016-03-19 01:08viewer: compress pkg-config callsKyle Milz1+2-7
2016-03-18 08:05instrument: looks like openbsd is the {bir,base}name exceptionKyle Milz1+6-8
2016-03-18 07:02viewer: add spaceKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-03-18 06:46add all as a dependency of testKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-18 05:39instrument: replace another variable length array with vectorKyle Milz1+7-7
2016-03-18 05:28instrument: use vector instead of "vla"Kyle Milz1+5-7
2016-03-18 05:00remove wrap from subdirs tooKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-18 04:58wrap: delete Makefile until I can figure out wtfKyle Milz1+0-6
2016-03-18 04:40viewer: apple doesn't have socket(..., | SOCK_NONBLOCK, ...)Kyle Milz1+13-0
2016-03-18 04:27instrument: add llvm-config transformutilskyle1+1-0
2016-03-18 04:02instrument: enforce c++11 for nowKyle Milz1+2-1
2016-03-18 03:55viewer: remove CXX from MakefileKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-03-18 03:30patches: add osx fixupsKyle Milz1+101-0
2016-03-18 03:23instrument: don't specify CXXKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-03-18 03:18instrument: add dirname/basename hacksKyle Milz1+10-0
2016-03-18 03:12viewer: remove glm includesKyle Milz1+0-5
2016-03-18 03:00viewer: add pkg-config glKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-03-18 02:41viewer: add pkg-config to MakefileKyle Milz1+6-6
2016-03-18 02:28t/fibonacci: switch strtonum to atoiKyle Milz1+14-24
2016-03-18 02:23t/runtime_counters_increase: make test program more portableKyle Milz1+16-21
2016-03-18 02:14t/runtime_sanity: make the test program easierKyle Milz1+14-18
2016-03-18 02:00SCV: remove unused variableKyle Milz1+0-2
2016-03-18 01:59SCV: osx tmp dir doesn't come back with /privateKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-03-18 01:42lib: add osx ldflags for extern symbolKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-03-18 01:38wrap: add runtime library path for osxKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-18 01:34lib: make compilation smoother on osxKyle Milz1+12-4
2016-03-18 01:31lib: please OSXKyle Milz1+2-0
2016-03-18 01:27lib: specify major and minor in MakefileKyle Milz2+4-3
2016-03-18 00:59instrument: use llvm-config in MakefileKyle Milz1+8-17
2016-03-17 02:05lib: update to use new headerkyle2+9-9
2016-03-17 01:59wrap: add new test specific wrapperkyle2+25-2
2016-03-17 01:49lib: move and rename scv_global.h closer to runtimekyle10+10-10
2016-03-17 01:30lib: link runtime with -pthread directlykyle2+2-1
2016-03-17 01:27wrap: instrumented programs don't need -pthreadkyle1+1-1
2016-03-17 01:23tests: use scv_wrap in the testsuitekyle1+6-17
2016-03-17 00:14viewer: use string instead of char * and kill wstringKyle Milz2+10-16
2016-03-17 00:08viewer: show the file contents and execution countsKyle Milz5+90-129
2016-03-17 00:03lib: make runtime send firstKyle Milz2+11-13
2016-03-16 02:44viewer: remove old hand rolled text generationKyle Milz5+0-280
2016-03-16 02:41viewer: sync with recent runtime changesKyle Milz4+122-67
2016-03-16 00:34runtime: add get metadata message typeKyle Milz4+72-55
2016-03-15 04:39viewer: switch to using ftglKyle Milz4+89-136
2016-03-15 04:02add line to git ignore (testing buildbot)Kyle Milz1+1-0
2016-03-14 04:07instrument: split up compiler and -std=Kyle Milz1+2-1
2016-03-14 03:13add binaries to gitignoreKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-03-14 03:11viewer: fix up format stringKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-14 02:34lib: off by one more in size calcKyle Milz1+3-0
2016-03-14 01:06runtime: send back total message size firstKyle Milz2+24-5
2016-03-14 01:01instrument: match *.cxx files tooKyle Milz1+4-2
2016-03-13 22:08remove double dependencyKyle Milz1+0-1
2016-03-13 21:52add depKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-03-13 21:38add depKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-03-13 21:37add dep to READMEKyle Milz1+1-0
2016-03-13 21:35viewer: man page shakeKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-13 20:58wrap: tweak man pageKyle Milz1+1-1
2016-03-13 20:08t: add a ->kill() method and use it to speed up testsKyle Milz4+146-142
2016-03-13 19:34use a viewer socket in the cwd instead of hardcoded /tmpKyle Milz3+7-6
2016-03-13 18:49test: use cwd instead of hardcoded pathKyle Milz1+6-3
2016-03-13 18:19wrap: move scv_wrap here with man pageKyle Milz4+17-1
2016-03-13 06:13wrap: fix this upKyle Milz1+7-2
2016-03-13 05:16add man pages so make stops complainingKyle Milz2+20-0
2016-03-13 02:30lib: compile runtime with -std=c89Kyle Milz2+7-7
2016-03-13 02:28viewer: commit a tiny bit of workKyle Milz4+52-17
2016-03-13 01:14viewer: use err() moreKyle Milz1+9-11
2016-03-13 01:12viewer: apply old shader utils code cleanupKyle Milz2+44-53
2016-03-12 23:50runtime: shorten xread/xwriteKyle Milz1+6-10
2016-03-12 23:48move scv_wrap and scv_global.h to root directoryKyle Milz8+19-24
2016-03-12 05:12add READMEKyle Milz1+14-0
2016-03-12 05:11instrument: add compilers hereKyle Milz5+9-1
2016-03-12 04:54viewer: convert to .cxx source file suffixKyle Milz5+1-1
2016-03-12 04:43instrument: rename source file suffixes to .cxxKyle Milz3+1-1
2016-03-11 09:21add scv_wrap + MakefileKyle Milz3+21-0
2016-03-11 09:20switch Makefiles over to bsd.*.mk infrastructureKyle Milz8+28-73
2016-03-11 05:46t/multiple_sources: shuffle whitespacekyle1+2-2
2016-03-11 05:43add runtime support for multiple source fileskyle4+129-12
2016-03-11 03:57runtime: remove extraneous returnkyle1+0-1
2016-03-11 03:57fixup other tests after last commitkyle9+47-37
2016-03-11 03:41add socket read/write to runtimekyle6+249-38
2016-03-10 05:52two small fixes on the way to better runtimekyle9+82-69
2016-03-10 02:40fix test fallout from previous commitkyle7+63-21
2016-03-10 02:38start using newly minted tu chaining instrumentationkyle7+113-50
2016-03-06 00:53instrument: add smarts to link object files togetherkyle1+71-6
2016-03-05 19:04instrument: shuffle code and remove castkyle2+9-10
2016-03-05 18:56instrument: convert source file detection to C++kyle1+14-11
2016-03-05 08:48instrument: replace C strtok with C++kyle1+18-28
2016-03-05 08:10runtime: add wip unix socket connection codekyle3+39-3
2016-03-05 08:08instrument: put instrumented files in subdirskyle2+49-69
2016-03-05 08:06tests: replace home grown with TAPkyle39+534-396
2015-11-02 04:22tests: add return statement regress testkyle4+44-0
2015-11-02 03:52instrument: add switch statement supportkyle5+43-1
2015-11-02 03:25tests: add super simple for loop testkyle4+36-0
2015-11-02 03:21tests: shufflekyle10+38-38
2015-11-02 03:16tests: re-enable all tests againkyle1+5-5
2015-11-02 03:15Makefile: remove some @'skyle1+3-3
2015-11-02 03:14tests: bring while loops up to datekyle4+25-18
2015-11-02 03:11tests: bring if_statement up to datekyle6+53-46
2015-11-01 23:12instrumenter: don't add ")" when adding "(lines[xx] = 1, " failedkyle1+4-1
2015-11-01 22:59tests: get hello_world in orderkyle4+21-14
2015-11-01 22:55tests: add Makefile.test with test and clean targetskyle2+6-5
2015-11-01 22:28Makefile: guard against instrumenting my own source files!kyle2+10-0
2015-11-01 22:27ignore .a instead of .sokyle1+1-1
2015-11-01 22:25instrument: write instrumented source to intermediate filekyle6+70-62
2015-11-01 22:14runtime: use archive object instead of .sokyle2+7-3
2015-11-01 21:47instrumenter: move MyFrontendAction classkyle3+75-63
2015-11-01 21:29instrument: rewrite original source filekyle5+82-44
2015-10-31 23:33Makefile: silence some commandskyle1+4-4
2015-10-31 23:31tests: link against runtimekyle3+10-11
2015-10-31 23:22tests: silence some commandskyle5+13-13
2015-10-31 22:50tests: make use of instrument changeskyle8+41-29
2015-10-31 22:04instrument: header file cleaningkyle3+19-30
2015-10-31 21:38instrument: break out ast visitor into its own filekyle5+385-365
2015-10-31 21:25instrument: write instrumented source to filekyle1+91-50
2015-10-31 19:33instrument: look like a compilerkyle2+118-9
2015-10-30 01:29tests: small fixkyle1+1-1
2015-10-30 01:06instrument: refactor astvisitorkyle5+125-113
2015-10-29 08:31add .gitignorekyle1+4-0
2015-10-29 08:31instrument: hook up runtime to instrumented codekyle6+18-8
2015-10-29 07:26make: add root Makefilekyle1+16-0
2015-10-29 07:25instrument: move into instrument/ directorykyle4+45-21
2015-10-29 06:44viewer: add -f to make cleankyle1+1-1
2015-10-29 06:26runtime: add skeletonkyle3+32-3
2015-10-29 05:46viewer: change af_unix class abstractionkyle5+40-25
2015-10-29 04:39viewer: drawables must be idleablekyle4+7-7
2015-10-29 04:34viewer: add af_unix non blocking socket classkyle4+103-6
2015-10-29 02:29viewer: split up classes into source fileskyle7+244-227
2015-10-29 02:12viewer: c++-ifykyle2+156-66
2015-10-28 03:05viewer: get demo code workingkyle7+438-59
2015-10-28 02:16viewer: initial commitkyle5+112-0
2015-10-28 02:14Makefile: only recompile on make testkyle2+4-2
2015-10-27 04:40instrument: remove extra outputkyle1+4-4
2015-10-27 04:39tests: add if_statementkyle3+45-0
2015-10-27 04:21instrument: add while loop supportkyle4+39-0
2015-10-27 04:20tests: add hello_worldkyle3+25-0
2015-10-27 04:19tests: move to directory based layoutkyle5+34-25
2015-10-27 03:06tests: add validation to fibonacci testkyle2+14-4
2015-10-27 02:20tests: initial commitkyle4+112-0
2015-10-27 02:19instrument: insert line buffer at start of filekyle1+31-10
2015-10-26 05:48instrument: get instrumented line numbers workingkyle1+37-10
2015-10-25 23:28Makefile: remove some unneeded librarieskyle1+4-6
2015-10-25 22:38instrument: redentkyle1+42-40
2015-10-25 22:29instrument: upgrade to latest source code rewriter examplekyle2+100-128
2015-10-24 23:00instrument: clean up LDLIBS and re-indent source filekyle2+130-125
2015-10-24 22:08initial commitkyle2+186-0