Pacific County 2022

I took a few trips in summer 2022 to Pacific County, Washington looking at cheap property. On one of these trips I camped overnight at Bay Center, and met a couple from the Netherlands riding antique motorcycles across Canada and then towards South America.

Their motorcycles were a pair of identical Nimbus 750's, approximately 750cc displacement inline 4 cylinder mounted longitudinal (!), meaning the rotation of the engine is perpindicular to the wheel rotation. It was one of the first engines to use an overhead valve, and as you can see in the video below the valves are actuated from outside the valve cover.

They started their trip in Halifax after shipping their motorcycles by water, then rode to Alaska. After Alaska they went south, where I caught up with them in Washington.

Riding antique motorcycles on a continent that never sold them seems challenging regarding repair shops and spare parts, however they had friends and family back home willing to mail any parts that were needed. They were doing this ride on a budget, and had been camping along the way to save costs.