webkit based web browser for Enlightenment
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2013-01-13 22:17main: nuke ecore_options parsingKyle Milz1+2-32
2013-01-13 22:08data: remove GenericName entry from desktop fileKyle Milz1+1-2
2013-01-04 21:35eet: include generated {c,h} files from geneetKyle Milz4+1143-8
2012-12-17 23:15main: set elm engine once globallyKyle Milz2+1-1
2012-12-17 21:37buffer: remove old commented functionKyle Milz1+0-80
2012-12-17 21:35buffer: move some (for now) unused functionsKyle Milz2+69-69
2012-12-17 21:28buffer: clarify where functions come fromKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-12-17 21:27buffer: remove inspector() function and add storage debugKyle Milz1+12-34
2012-12-17 21:21buffer: split out callbacks into seperate fileKyle Milz4+504-415
2012-12-17 21:00buffer: white space and spelling fixKyle Milz1+2-2
2012-12-17 20:59buffer: remove old load_error() implementationKyle Milz1+1-24
2012-12-17 20:40buffer: fix error code 204 in load_errorKyle Milz1+8-3
2012-12-17 20:38download: break out into own fileKyle Milz4+136-114
2012-12-15 01:16zoom: port MiniBrowsers zoom_level_set() functionKyle Milz5+45-29
2012-12-14 22:39keymap: nuke w, o, x hotkeys until input method signals are availKyle Milz1+8-7
2012-12-14 21:10Makefile: don't do debug build by defaultKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-11-28 18:12config: use opengl for evas engine by default. use opengl because by default ewebkit is being built with TILED_BACKING_STORE which needs opengl.Kyle Milz1+1-2
2012-11-14 00:33hist: store protocol separately from urlKyle Milz2+30-5
2012-11-13 05:19buffer: make sure new tabs are visibleKyle Milz1+3-3
2012-11-12 23:48main: turn bigger cache on and setup favicon db pathKyle Milz1+3-0
2012-11-12 23:47buffer: stub in a better error pageKyle Milz1+16-2
2012-11-12 23:46main: slightly better ewk_init()Kyle Milz1+2-1
2012-11-12 23:45buffer: fix indentation of structKyle Milz1+4-4
2012-11-12 23:44remove naviframe and use a simple box to show webkit insteadKyle Milz3+15-25
2012-11-12 22:58buffer: ewebkit API for ref/unref changedKyle Milz1+6-6
2012-11-12 22:57buffer: switch to using a smart class, light MiniBrowserKyle Milz3+198-0
2012-11-12 22:52buffer: add more robust implementation for faviconsKyle Milz1+19-12
2012-11-05 20:09buffer: add file selection dialog compliments of MiniBrowserKyle Milz1+77-0
2012-11-05 19:55buffer: add tooltips, from webkit MiniBrowser"Kyle Milz1+20-0
2012-11-05 19:45auth: use http auth popup from webkit's MiniBrowserKyle Milz1+136-0
2012-10-28 22:28edje: only include status line for nowKyle Milz1+13-83
2012-10-28 22:06edje: commit intermediate edc fileKyle Milz1+104-301
2012-10-22 18:28window: kill stupid focus effectKyle Milz1+0-19
2012-10-22 18:27icon: check if callback sends a null iconKyle Milz1+4-0
2012-10-22 17:47viking: remove unused structsKyle Milz1+0-16
2012-10-22 17:44main: implement proper per object delete/freeKyle Milz7+64-87
2012-10-21 17:30zoom: re-hook-up zoom() functionKyle Milz4+11-20
2012-10-20 06:59icon: add super cool new iconKyle Milz2+0-0
2012-10-20 06:58window: disable ECHO_ACTIVEKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-20 06:57utilities: filter out file:// alsoKyle Milz1+3-0
2012-10-20 06:57main: always save session when session_save() calledKyle Milz1+9-18
2012-10-20 06:05utilites: open relative file pathsKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-20 06:04window: hide event box by defaultKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-20 06:03commands: remove unused search_tag() functionKyle Milz3+0-90
2012-10-20 04:43edje: commit hack defaultKyle Milz2+177-13
2012-10-20 04:42utilities: callback can be staticKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-20 04:40utilities: remove old unused functionsKyle Milz2+0-200
2012-10-20 04:39utilities: make uri_sanitize() a bit smarterKyle Milz1+17-25
2012-10-20 01:17soup: not used anymoreKyle Milz5+2-7
2012-10-20 01:14commands: TRUE -> EINA_TRUEKyle Milz1+64-63
2012-10-19 23:55bg: attach background to focus stateKyle Milz2+23-1
2012-10-19 23:53utilities: prevent memory leak in uri_sanitize()Kyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-19 22:52window: free the window in the proper callbackKyle Milz2+3-4
2012-10-19 22:31viking: add beautiful new iconKyle Milz1+0-0
2012-10-19 22:31favicon: clear box outside of callbackKyle Milz1+1-2
2012-10-19 22:29main: remove elm_need_web() call in favor of ewk_init()Kyle Milz1+1-3
2012-10-19 22:29main: use properly typed callbacks for ecore_con handlersKyle Milz1+13-12
2012-10-19 22:28main: simplify if statementKyle Milz1+1-3
2012-10-19 22:27fix compiler warning + don't call elm_focus_disableKyle Milz1+2-2
2012-10-19 22:26list: append the back/forward state onto each rowKyle Milz1+6-0
2012-10-19 22:16use uri_sanitize everywhere.Kyle Milz4+48-155
2012-10-18 04:15favicon: make 16x16 by defaultKyle Milz1+4-4
2012-10-18 04:15gui: tweak position of progress barKyle Milz1+3-2
2012-10-18 04:14don't autodelete windowKyle Milz1+2-4
2012-10-18 04:14hook up 2 more window signalsKyle Milz1+18-5
2012-10-18 04:12main: detect between client and server redirectsKyle Milz1+23-3
2012-10-18 04:08hide the newly created buffer by defaultKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-18 04:07hook up 2 more buffer signalsKyle Milz1+16-4
2012-10-18 04:05hook up mouse wheel to scroll_cbKyle Milz2+8-5
2012-10-18 04:02clean up load_finishedKyle Milz1+0-10
2012-10-17 23:19remove single commentKyle Milz1+0-1
2012-10-17 22:39basic window maximize callbackKyle Milz1+7-0
2012-10-17 22:38don't enable this quite yetKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-17 22:37turn on 2 optionsKyle Milz1+2-0
2012-10-17 22:31nuke update_state and split into 6 distinct piecesKyle Milz6+104-68
2012-10-17 21:09second try at cleaning echoKyle Milz1+1-6
2012-10-17 21:07clean up echo functionKyle Milz1+5-3
2012-10-17 21:06first attempt at intelligent buffer insertsKyle Milz2+8-8
2012-10-17 21:04add hooks for 2 more signalsKyle Milz1+20-1
2012-10-17 21:03move commands[] array over to keymap.hKyle Milz3+59-62
2012-10-17 20:10remove old per-view cookies and proxy flagsKyle Milz4+3-6
2012-10-17 20:07improve downloads status with a % done meterKyle Milz2+30-25
2012-10-17 08:37use common fns for making buf number, favicon and urlKyle Milz5+39-54
2012-10-17 06:18trigger an icon update on buffer changeKyle Milz3+5-1
2012-10-17 05:54split buffer number, favicon, and url into separate ui elementsKyle Milz6+77-38
2012-10-17 04:21nuke update_urlKyle Milz7+80-170
2012-10-17 04:13only change progress bar for current bufferKyle Milz1+5-2
2012-10-17 03:11don't print when icon changedKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-17 03:11rip out the back-forward icon from update_urlKyle Milz4+32-11
2012-10-17 03:02fix some indentationKyle Milz1+2-2
2012-10-17 02:45make favicon placement nicerKyle Milz1+10-6
2012-10-17 02:27use new favicon frameworkKyle Milz1+39-11
2012-10-17 00:47add handy valgrind scriptKyle Milz1+1-0
2012-10-17 00:44buffer_current_set -> window_main_buffer_setKyle Milz6+10-9
2012-10-17 00:32signal api changed, uri,changed -> url,changedKyle Milz1+3-3
2012-10-17 00:19make two new source files window and bufferKyle Milz11+1375-1379
2012-10-16 03:52get the schema registration workingKyle Milz1+9-32
2012-10-16 03:51reenable the inspector, although not functionalKyle Milz2+13-15
2012-10-16 03:49set default settings at view creationKyle Milz1+4-2
2012-10-16 03:48get directional search working againKyle Milz1+2-0
2012-10-16 03:47add cool way to visualize redirectsKyle Milz1+38-9
2012-10-16 03:45set the evas engine at least once per windowKyle Milz2+2-1
2012-10-15 05:52prevent 3 memory leaksKyle Milz1+3-3
2012-10-15 05:51delete 2 unused headersKyle Milz1+0-2
2012-10-15 02:13move defines to bottom of file.Kyle Milz1+22-23
2012-10-15 02:11remove confusing commentKyle Milz1+0-2
2012-10-15 02:11style fixes for prototypesKyle Milz1+2-2
2012-10-15 02:11remove unused defineKyle Milz1+0-3
2012-10-15 02:10remove one more home rolled link listKyle Milz5+12-31
2012-10-15 01:55need to free hash iterators after useKyle Milz2+3-0
2012-10-14 22:56some misc one linersKyle Milz1+5-5
2012-10-14 22:42remove unused function fake_key_eventKyle Milz1+0-60
2012-10-14 22:41squash a warningKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-14 22:38remove process_set_line functionKyle Milz2+0-118
2012-10-14 22:35re-implement tab completionKyle Milz1+114-250
2012-10-14 22:09reduce a few lines of codeKyle Milz1+3-6
2012-10-14 20:24indentation for edje fileKyle Milz1+173-161
2012-10-14 20:24use opengl engine by defaultKyle Milz1+2-0
2012-10-14 18:27add edj to gitignoresKyle Milz1+1-0
2012-10-14 18:26use an edje theme fileKyle Milz5+173-16
2012-10-14 17:16fix indentation on commands listKyle Milz1+47-47
2012-10-14 17:16clean up list() functionKyle Milz1+2-40
2012-10-14 15:25fix formatting on make_keylist functionKyle Milz1+18-19
2012-10-14 15:24clean up inputbox_changed_cb functionKyle Milz1+68-79
2012-10-14 04:31minor cosmetic fixesKyle Milz1+2-1
2012-10-14 04:31clean up session_restore functionKyle Milz1+10-16
2012-10-14 04:30clean up uri_sanitize functionKyle Milz1+35-37
2012-10-14 04:12clean up process_keypress a bitKyle Milz1+5-17
2012-10-14 04:10do some mass renaming of functionsKyle Milz1+26-24
2012-10-14 03:53use more appropriate variable nameKyle Milz2+32-24
2012-10-14 03:33delete some old stuctsKyle Milz1+0-9
2012-10-14 03:27use eina_strbuf in update_url functionKyle Milz3+31-53
2012-10-14 03:10use eina_strbuf in update_state functionKyle Milz2+23-36
2012-10-14 02:50remove old key mapping functionsKyle Milz2+0-298
2012-10-14 02:43remove another unused function.Kyle Milz1+0-62
2012-10-14 02:37convert process_line to use stringsharesKyle Milz2+16-20
2012-10-13 22:57remove more unused functions.Kyle Milz2+3-95
2012-10-13 22:51remove unused function.Kyle Milz1+0-75
2012-10-13 22:45remove some old comments.Kyle Milz1+0-2
2012-10-13 22:21don't use elm_web, use ewk_view directlyKyle Milz4+15-16
2012-10-10 21:27comment out printfKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-10 20:12implement link saving/visited links populateKyle Milz4+72-43
2012-10-10 03:20track new changes to webkit2 apiKyle Milz4+26-26
2012-10-10 03:18comment spelling fixKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-10 03:17make a kind-of-nice process crashed pageKyle Milz1+31-0
2012-10-09 20:59use evas_object_{hide,show} on viewsKyle Milz1+2-0
2012-10-08 21:49free some variables to make valgrind happyKyle Milz2+15-9
2012-10-08 20:56clean up header filesKyle Milz1+0-11
2012-10-08 20:56first attempt at scheme registrationKyle Milz4+55-16
2012-10-08 18:27Revert "icon: add new icon from openclipart"Kyle Milz2+0-0
2012-10-08 17:44port text search to webkit2 functionsKyle Milz2+11-16
2012-10-08 07:18remove two printf'sKyle Milz2+1-5
2012-10-08 07:17use #define instead of sentinelKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-08 06:47implement sane window creation/deletionKyle Milz1+21-3
2012-10-08 06:47somehow this free is causing problemsKyle Milz1+1-2
2012-10-08 06:20style cleanups and printf removalKyle Milz1+12-43
2012-10-08 06:20reenable check to prevent segfault.Kyle Milz1+2-2
2012-10-08 06:12implement session save/restoreKyle Milz5+165-98
2012-10-07 02:13spawn new windows when new program instances are runKyle Milz5+42-52
2012-10-07 01:25minor style fixesKyle Milz1+4-10
2012-10-07 01:18move the server connection check to very beginningKyle Milz1+52-52
2012-10-06 23:24implement a simple connection serverKyle Milz1+107-9
2012-10-06 22:09move entire config function into mainKyle Milz1+55-63
2012-10-06 21:51get rid of some old commented codeKyle Milz1+1-33
2012-10-06 21:33remove some includesKyle Milz1+1-6
2012-10-06 21:31condense var declarationsKyle Milz1+1-3
2012-10-06 21:29remove old mouse button definesKyle Milz1+0-5
2012-10-06 21:28remove old struct dlKyle Milz1+0-6
2012-10-06 21:27simplify loggingKyle Milz1+5-6
2012-10-06 21:23remove some old crustiesKyle Milz2+0-9
2012-10-06 03:19get rid of some options that are not neededKyle Milz2+5-111
2012-10-06 03:08enable cookies with the ewebkit2 apiKyle Milz1+5-2
2012-10-05 22:40move userscript functionality to proper placeKyle Milz2+71-118
2012-10-05 22:26implement ewebkit2 style downloadsKyle Milz4+140-101
2012-10-05 17:59move locations of 2 callback hooksKyle Milz2+3-2
2012-10-05 17:41use 11 point monospace font everywhereKyle Milz2+8-7
2012-10-05 17:17patch elementary's elm_web class to use ewebkit2Kyle Milz3+14-39
2012-10-03 21:51remove old defineKyle Milz1+0-3
2012-10-03 21:51squash warning that was definitely a bugKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-03 20:41get rid of a buttload of prototypes by using staticKyle Milz1+38-62
2012-10-03 19:49edit viking_state.h to squash a warningKyle Milz1+1-0
2012-10-03 19:49squash more warningsKyle Milz1+3-1
2012-10-03 19:36squash a warningKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-03 19:08add gitignore fileKyle Milz1+7-0
2012-10-03 19:07history: add flag to enable/disable on per url basisKyle Milz6+16-19
2012-10-03 17:44generate eet {h,c} files automatically on compileKyle Milz5+53-1160
2012-10-03 17:03remove accidental second callKyle Milz1+0-1
2012-10-03 16:56reduce the size of the load progress barKyle Milz1+4-1
2012-10-03 16:35silly trailing whitespaceKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-10-03 16:31use webkit1 themeKyle Milz1+1-3
2012-10-03 16:30squash some warningsKyle Milz2+17-21
2012-10-01 22:53move one more callback.Kyle Milz2+2-1
2012-10-01 22:26consolidate callback usage.Kyle Milz3+72-83
2012-10-01 22:14switch to using ewebkit2 libraryKyle Milz11+853-806
2012-09-28 02:41implement a close window call and use itKyle Milz4+18-8
2012-09-28 02:40fix one more segfaultKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-09-28 02:07implement multi window functionalityKyle Milz7+561-440
2012-09-27 23:34give the http error page some colorKyle Milz1+7-3
2012-09-26 20:26piggyback visited links off of historyKyle Milz3+19-0
2012-09-26 19:48simplify setup_network()Kyle Milz1+3-4
2012-09-26 18:41don't fail on bad ssl connectionsKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-09-26 04:31add toggle for cookiesKyle Milz5+34-5
2012-09-26 03:54add more shutdown hooksKyle Milz1+5-4
2012-09-26 03:24use efreet_* functions instead of our own hand rolled onesKyle Milz2+5-11
2012-09-26 03:05move setup_modkeys() into utilities to clean up include filesKyle Milz3+27-27
2012-09-26 03:04update nameKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-09-26 02:15remove old dependencies on hard coded filesKyle Milz5+37-146
2012-09-26 01:46add license, etc files from vimprobable sourceKyle Milz3+190-0
2012-09-25 22:56not using favourites at the momentKyle Milz2+0-258
2012-09-25 22:55restore state by defaultKyle Milz1+3-1
2012-09-25 21:57Don't save cookies while in no-history modeKyle Milz2+2-1
2012-09-25 21:51squash unused return val warningKyle Milz1+4-2
2012-09-25 21:49squash unused var warningKyle Milz1+0-3
2012-09-25 21:46suppress a printfKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-09-25 21:42fix segfault with proper return valueKyle Milz1+2-1
2012-09-25 19:54remove some globalsKyle Milz1+5-11
2012-09-25 19:49change some debug printfsKyle Milz1+3-1
2012-09-25 19:49show the proxy switch immediatelyKyle Milz1+2-0
2012-09-25 19:48add some shutdown hooks.Kyle Milz1+3-0
2012-09-25 19:48fix segfault when shutting downKyle Milz1+1-1
2012-09-25 19:06move all source files to src/Kyle Milz18+3-78
2012-09-25 18:55hack in config system from eveKyle Milz13+2962-1291
2012-09-25 15:31make update_url() non static and use it in commands.cKyle Milz3+3-1
2012-09-25 15:27history: add infrastructure for history togglingKyle Milz4+20-0
2012-09-25 15:20keymap: allow alt + left/right to navigateKyle Milz1+2-0
2012-09-24 22:57icon: add new icon from openclipartKyle Milz2+0-0
2012-09-24 22:38Revert "reload on navigation."Kyle Milz1+1-4
2012-09-24 21:11implement per buffer inspector and proxy settingsKyle Milz5+152-114
2012-09-24 21:03build: define GNU_SOURCE in Makefile.Kyle Milz4+1-5
2012-09-24 18:33do not reload on show inspectorKyle Milz1+0-1
2012-09-24 18:32reload on navigation.Kyle Milz1+4-1
2012-09-24 14:39dont echo when url input box is focusedKyle Milz1+2-2
2012-09-24 14:34main: add some comments and settingsKyle Milz1+13-8
2012-09-24 14:29callbacks: stub out hooks for xss/protocol handlerKyle Milz1+23-11
2012-09-23 02:20utilities: squash some warnings.Kyle Milz1+4-1
2012-09-22 21:52commands: indentation.Kyle Milz1+8-8
2012-09-22 19:06callbacks: stub out load,document,finished signal.Kyle Milz1+11-0
2012-09-22 19:02downloads: free hash iterator.Kyle Milz1+2-1
2012-09-22 19:00ls: show page title right aligned.Kyle Milz1+23-28
2012-09-22 03:48proxy: be more verbose on fail.Kyle Milz1+3-0
2012-09-22 02:37buffers: Tab_Data -> Buffer_DataKyle Milz3+28-28
2012-09-22 02:12proxy: forgot to remove old fn call.Kyle Milz1+0-2
2012-09-22 02:12move js include.Kyle Milz1+1-1
2012-09-22 02:11buffers: new buffer open behaviourKyle Milz4+26-41
2012-09-22 01:57inspector: reload web page after inspector open.Kyle Milz1+1-0
2012-09-22 01:56proxy: inital working implementation.Kyle Milz3+20-20
2012-09-21 02:20remove comma for clarity.Kyle Milz1+1-1
2012-09-21 02:03downloads: use hash table to track downloads.Kyle Milz2+61-29
2012-09-20 04:14inspector: create/close using proper callbacksKyle Milz4+51-57
2012-09-20 01:14run start scripts on uri change not load committed. fixes hinting.js being available on all pagesKyle Milz1+13-35
2012-09-20 01:13commands: remove some uses of g_ functionsKyle Milz1+6-6
2012-09-20 00:54inspector: allow opening/closing more than once.Kyle Milz2+6-2
2012-09-20 00:16desktop: use the right namesKyle Milz1+3-4
2012-09-20 00:12desktop: make portage desktop file install happy.Kyle Milz1+1-2
2012-09-19 23:27jsmn: promote to root directory.Kyle Milz5+3-29
2012-09-19 23:19no for loop inital declarations.Kyle Milz1+2-2
2012-09-19 23:18forgot js helper.Kyle Milz1+26-0
2012-09-19 23:15viking initial commit.Kyle Milz16+5679-0