track prices of consumer electronics
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diff --git a/tt/ b/tt/ @@ -13,18 +13,16 @@ <p> To start, try searching for a product or manufacturer in the search box at the top right.</p> - <p> <em>Price</em><b>Chart</b> periodically looks up and saves - the prices of products. These prices are converted to charts - where it is easy to determining which retailer is the best to - purchase from.</p> + <p> <em>Price</em><b>Chart</b> periodically looks up the prices + of products, which are saved and converted into charts.</p> </div> <div class="column"> <h1>Motivation</h1> <p> <em>Price</em><b>Chart</b> is meant to be a consumer - purchasing tool. It gives the consumer insight into retail - pricing, which they would not normally have. </p> + purchasing tool. It gives the consumer unprecedented insight + into retail pricing.</p> <p> A savvy consumer will conduct price comparisons between different retailers before making a purchasing decision.